Compressing Wav file

  Hels 11:17 24 Apr 2003

I was at a conference yesterday and used my Pocket DV Camcorder (with a 256MB compact flash card)to record 4 hours of audio from the main speaker. I want to save his speech onto CD but obviously it will use over 4 CD's for the whole thing. Is there anyway that I can compress it onto to 1 or 2 CD's.??

  Megatyte 12:13 24 Apr 2003

The obvious one that comes to mind is MP3. A free encoder available here.

click here

or do a google. There's plenty of free ones out there


  Confab 12:33 24 Apr 2003

Is the 4 hour speech on one 256mb card as a wav file? If it is it will easily fit on to one CD and does not need to be converted. Most CD players will not play MP3's in any case

  Hels 15:07 24 Apr 2003

I managed to fit it all onto the compact flash card, in two sessions as the batteries packed up and had to be changed. Yes, it's been saved as a Wav file.
I have Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 and when I put my blank disk in and 'add' the file it says that I don't have enough space on the disk.
I have also used SoundStream (that comes with Roxio) to save the file as an MP3, again that file won't fit.
I'm doing something wrong aren't I??

  Elrond 15:18 24 Apr 2003

Mmmm, if you recorded the lot onto one 256MB card then it shud fit on a cd. The file should only be aroun 240MB as a wav usually takes around 10MB a minute ish I think. I assume you've got a compact flash reader hooked to the pc, how big does the file show up as when looking at from the card?

  Elrond 15:20 24 Apr 2003

I've got that wrong havent I. Ignore my calculation on the file size. It shud be more like 2.4GB of file if its wav. How did you get 4hrs of wav on one 256MB card?

  Elrond 15:23 24 Apr 2003

I imagine it must be the compresssion that the DV camcorder uses.

  Hels 15:44 24 Apr 2003

Yes, it must compress it. I have a compact flash reader and I have just checked the size of the two recordings. The 1st one is 31.4MB the second 19.4MB.
Does that help?

  Elrond 15:50 24 Apr 2003

If they are onky 31.4MB and 19.4MB thats total of 50.8MB. A cd is 650 to 700MB i shud fit easily. Can you put a cd in and drag the files straight from the compact flash reader to the cd

  Peverelli 16:15 24 Apr 2003

.. although you can compress an audio (wav) file so it takes up less room on your hard disk, I beleive that when you try to burn it to CD, the burning software will automatically uncompress the file so that the CD can be played on a normal CD player. Which unfortunately means you'll need 3 to 4 CDs.

There are minidisc recorder/players that can run at half speed & mono which WILL fit 4hrs onto to one minidisc, but we're talking about spending £100-£150 for the player.

  Confab 16:24 24 Apr 2003

You'll be able to put the wav file on to a CD as a "data" file or you could convert it to an MP3 - although you dont need to do this - and again save it as a "data" file on to CD. You will be able to listen to the recording on your pc but not cd player (unless you have one that can read MP3's). I think Peverelli is correct in that your software will convert the compressed wav file on your card to a format that a commercial CD player can read. That will take approx 4 cd's to burn the full 4 hrs.

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