Compressing a VOB file ??

  WallyD 13:51 20 May 2004

Long in the tooth I maybe but I still like to try and keep up to the modern stuff but must rely on mags and you good people. Nuff said.
Using DVD Shrink I removed a few VOB files which I found out I could run these in Power DVD.
How can I compress these VOBs to fit onto a CD.
Before anyone sugests I,m doing anything illegal then forget it as I just play around with my computer and get satisfaction from doing this.
Many thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 16:08 20 May 2004

You can't compess them, but you can convert them to, say DivX using Vidomi, or any one of numerous programs. click here

  struggle8 16:34 20 May 2004

do you have a dvd burner or just the basic cdr/rw what burning software do you have

  struggle8 16:36 20 May 2004

you could look here click here

  scotty 16:39 20 May 2004

VOB files are basically mpeg files. These are already heavily compressed. Further compression leads to a degredation of the quality.

Having said that, you already have a tool which compresses VOB's - DVDshrink. One of the main uses of DVDshrink is to compress two layer DVDs on to single layer discs. I think there is a manual option for defining the amount of compression.

What is worth considering is the resolution required. DVDs have 720 x 576 resolution. If you wish to display on a pc in a small window, you may only need a resolution of say 200 x 150. I suspect you will get better results converting them as suggested above.

  WallyD 17:48 20 May 2004

Thank you folks
The answer to struggle 8 is :-
No dvd burner just CD burning with Nero
Thank you

  WallyD 18:12 20 May 2004

Thanks again
Youv,e given me plenty of ammo to be going on with
or should I say "plenty to play with"

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