Compressing images in a word file

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:00 24 Sep 2007

A friend of mine has a large number of documents that have around 70 photos in each document. The file sizes are 35Mb+. He needs a programme that can resize the images in situ.
There are plenty of programmes for resizing images but there appears to be a lack of ones that can do the resizing and keeping the format.
There are also plenty of programmes that can compress Word docs but these are of no use. The Word docs will be uploaded to an engineering programme that auto converts them to .pdf files, so they cannot be converted to .pdfs beforehand (which would have been the easy option.

So, does anyone know of a programme that can resize photos whilst in a document and keep the formatting and the .doc extension. He does not mind paying as money is not a concern.


  silverous 11:26 24 Sep 2007


I'm guessing you mean resize as in keep the same size but compress? It isn't 100% clear from the above but given the title of compression and keeping the formatting I'm guessing the size is actually staying the same i.e. the images aren't being resized but the file size is being reduced?

I would say this could be done via some nifty VBA. Are all the source images in the word document of a particular format e.g. BMP or JPEG or are they a mixture?

I'd be happy to have a go at a solution. Are the documents confidential or could one be emailed to me to take a look at?



  silverous 11:26 24 Sep 2007

size=dimensions in my first sentence.

  brundle 11:32 24 Sep 2007

It might be worth saving it as HTML, resizing the images with Irfanview, reloading into Word, save as .DOC again. Anything older than Word 2003 would probably make a mess of the formatting but the later ones seem more effective.

  silverous 11:35 24 Sep 2007

Not a bad idea if it worked, as you say word can screw up formatting when going from doc -> html let alone back to doc again. Worth trying with one manually maybe and then could be automated with VBA.

  DieSse 11:48 24 Sep 2007

This looks like the thingy to do it. click here

  silverous 12:23 24 Sep 2007

Looks good diesse. Worth a go!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:49 25 Sep 2007

Sorry I was a bit unclear.
He needs a programme that will identify the images (of which there are many in a document) and convert them to much smaller files, say from 3Mb to 80k but that will keep the physical size and the format of the pictures and document manual. I can do this by converting the files to .pdf which keeps the physical size of the pictures the same but reduces the overall files size to around 1Mb but, for various reasons, the file has to be a Word doc. and not .pdf

However, the files then need to be uploaded to an online catalogue type programme which inexplicably converts the file to a .pdf...however you have to upload a Word doc as it will not accept .pdfs...sounds mad but the network programme cannot be altered.

I'll try the programme suggested but I think it is just a compression programme for storage and sending. He needs a programme that reduces the file size but that also allows you to work on the document in it's reduced state.

Hope this is as clear as mud. I realise that this may seem totally bonkers and that it would be easier to convert to .pdf and edit the .pdf but it has to be a Word document. He does not fancy taking all the photos from each document (there can be between 70 and 200 photos and there are at least 200 documents), compressing them and then putting them back to the same physical size as before.



  silverous 09:58 25 Sep 2007


Makes sense. I believe the program suggested produces a word document so why would that not be editable in terms of working on it in its reduced state?

It makes sense that he would want to edit them in their native format while at the same time reducing the file size.

Hope it works,


  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:35 25 Sep 2007

We'll try the programme later today....many thanks.


  Confab 12:40 25 Sep 2007

I don’t know what version of word you have but if you open the document in word 2003 and then right click on one of the pictures you should see an option to “Format Picture”. Choose this option and at the bottom right of the dialog box that opens you should see “Compress” Click on “Compress” and you should see various compression options. Choose “Web/Screen” and “Apply to all Images in document” I’ve just reduced a 5.5MB file containing 2 pictures to 55k doing this.

Re-save the word file and should find it much smaller.

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