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  Robotic_Rob 02:30 22 Dec 2005

Im after a component tester as i believe that there is some hardware on my pc thats dying but i dont know what it is. As the pc is running really slowly and ive already had the harddrived wiped since ive had the problem.

So im after a component tester than runs in DOS if i can get to it from Windows XP Pro. Because i want things to be tested before windows is started. As i believe it will alter the results of the test if windows is runing.



  Robotic_Rob 20:30 22 Dec 2005


  Gongoozler 20:48 22 Dec 2005

Hi Robotic_Rob. I think the reason you haven't had a reply is that there is no such thing. The motherboard BIOS carries out a preliminary test of the motherboard functions but I have never heard of a more comprehensive tester of the computer hardware.

  Totally-braindead 20:48 22 Dec 2005

The problem is some components can't be tested like this and the ones that can all have seperate programs. Such as Memtest86 as a memory tester. The only thing I can think of myself that comes close is burn in test which stresses the components, its meant to help bed then in as it were but it may cause something to fail without being able to tell you what it is.

Describe what the PC is doing, I mean is being really slow all thats wrong or is there something else? Also what speed is it what memory do you have, size of hard drive and free space on hard drive. This may be a silly suggestion but if its slowing down have you tried defragging it?

  Robotic_Rob 22:35 22 Dec 2005

Im sure ive heard of a program that runs in dos. And it checks everything but it takes hours on end.

Its a
P4 2.8GHz HT processor
1Gb of RAM
120Gb Primary HDD (SATA) - 84.7Gb Free
120Gb Secondary HDD (SATA) - FULL
Windows XP Pro SP2

*The computer is just running really slow.

*It forgets things. EG On 1 boot up it might say i have 100 Un-read emails, Next boot up it might not say i have any Un-read emails. Another one is that it keeps forgetting Internet connection settings and it keeps forgetting that i have registered my norton antivirus. And the norton antivirus needs to be re-installed as it comes up with an error saying that it needs to repair itselt but it cant.

*It wont start up first time everytime. If it doesnt start first time i get the blue screen of death (the blue fatel error screen, where you have no choice to restart the computer)and then it restarts itself. The computer can try for 30-60 mintues to start but doesnt manage to load windows properly (after about an hour i tend to give up and turn the computer off).(By the way, before i got the HDD wiped it use to get stuck on a file called agp440.sys (or i think thats the name of the file, if it aint its something similar))

Ive had this problem before and after i wiped the HDD. I Believe that something has been zapped. As the problem just occured at the click of the fingers. It was working perfectly and then i restarted the computer because i had just installed some new software and then it started to be like it is now. My neon tube fell off the back of my computer(neon tube is completely plastic on the outside). So i just opened up my computer whilst its still on and i stuck the neon tube back. But i was wearing a earth strap that i know works and it was plugged in to the plug socket. I moved the neon tube back whilst the computer was installing the software.



  woodchip 22:43 22 Dec 2005

Running slow can be down to Virus or Malarware, or just too many programs running, fragmented drive among others

  woodchip 22:44 22 Dec 2005

Running slow can be down to Virus or Malarware, or just too many programs running, fragmented drive among others.

PS I think you can rule out Hardware if it's not crashing

  Robotic_Rob 22:50 22 Dec 2005

But how can it be virus's or malarware when ive wiped the HDD and it still acted the same. Even when installing windows back on to the HDD it was really slow

  woodchip 22:54 22 Dec 2005

It could be a MBR virus in master boot record. So a Format will not remove it. You have to remove the partitions and recreate them to create a new MBR

  Arthur Scrimshaw 22:54 22 Dec 2005

could be failing.
What make of drive is it?

  Robotic_Rob 23:00 22 Dec 2005


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