Complicated Question, can you help?

  Gaz 25 21:01 28 Jun 2004

Right - now there is a router providing computers with Internet access.

I have open ports set to to webserver, so basically Public IP address on port 80 is redirected to

Which is the webserver

same as for the FTP port 21.

Now the thing is - the logs and security system log connections from my own public IP address, and eventually the server blocks the communications becuase of DoS.

The problem is - it is not passing on the main requesters IP address, its passing on mine to the server.

So for example if you with your connection visited the site in question - it would show the connection from MY internet IP address, rather than yours. Now this is either becuase NAT works that way on this router or there is one setting I can change.

Any ideas, as to make it easier to track visitors?

  Gaz 25 21:30 28 Jun 2004

I didnt add the servers host and domain to the DNS section in TCP/IP properties.

Looks like it works now.

If someone can try it for me, just e-mail me at the top using the mail icon and I will send you a special link.


  Gaz 25 05:12 01 Jul 2004

Ah all sorted now.

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