Complete Unresponsive Crash

  Que Que 12:20 11 Apr 2004

Last week my Win XP PC crashed whilst it was running the screensaver. It wpuldn't respond to Ctrl+Alt+Delete so I restarted using the Restart button on the tower. However, what followed was highly unusual. Now what seems to happen is that the computer runs as if everything was fine, but the monitor, keyboard (and I assume mouse) act as if they aren't plugged into the computer at all. There are no lights on the keyboard, even when I press Num/Caps Lock, and the monitor is constantly on standby. Please help me as it has a lot of important A-level work stroed on it. Thanks.

  Diemmess 12:28 11 Apr 2004

I hope it is still under warranty, because unless its power supply unit has failed, it seems like major trouble at motherboard/cpu level.

You say the computer seems to run, does it show any drive lights or make any bleeps at all?

  anon1 12:36 11 Apr 2004

Turn off the computer, unplug the mouse and the keyboard. Then plug them back in again and start the pc. If the mouse is not working (or the keyboard) you should get an error message.

  Que Que 12:45 11 Apr 2004

yes, all the normal lights and sounds are present. Its simply like there are no peripherals plugged into the computer. I tried unplugging everything and cleaning the contacts but to no avail.

  Diemmess 16:29 11 Apr 2004

Power, and hard drive lights come on. So too do the cooling fans? You say "all the normal sounds are present", but does the case speaker beep at all?

I think it was just coincidence that the first crash came when using a screensaver. It might have happened at anytime.

Like anon1, I would have expected an error sound if the keyboard in some way is not getting through to the computer.

It can sometimes happen that the mouse and keyboard are swapped over by mistake, but you should be seeing something on the screen.

I can't believe there isn't a simple answer for this, and I hope someone can jump in here and save the day

  Que Que 17:13 11 Apr 2004

The computer (Evesham) runs as normal, like it has been since I bought it. All the drive lights are on, I can open and close both CD and DVD drives, the cooling fans are working and all the normal sounds from when it was fully functional still occur, including the initial beep from the case when it is turned on. The monitor just goes into standby mode and none of the buttons on the keyboard work (I've tried different keyboards and mouse with no success).

  Diemmess 10:29 12 Apr 2004

I wish someone else would come in with a brilliant suggestion............If you can hear that initial beep, at least it has carried out the Power-On-Self-Test satisfactorily..

What happens then is outside my experience, but it looks as though there is a failure to transmit/receive data at the motherboard level.

Just for interest, though it won't help long term, try booting with a floppy or a cd in place and see if it makes any progress.

If it is relatively recent purchase from Evesham, it has to be worth a phone call for advice. They make a point of "lifetime support", or maybe someone else will spot this thread and take it further for you.

  ened 11:15 12 Apr 2004

I don't suppose you can get your hands on a USB Keyboard and mouse to try?
If they work, whilst not solving your problem, at least you can get your work done.

  anon1 16:14 12 Apr 2004

Lets get to the bottom of this one now. What kind of mouse and keyboard do you have installed I.E. serial, ps2 or usb?

  Que Que 18:04 12 Apr 2004

Thank you all for the advice - I have the standard Keyboard and mouse (Ps2) - the other one that I tried was in working order on my mates computor but did not work on mine - I was wondering if there was someway I could get the monitor to show any life on the screen as all I get now is the button light. I have not got a monitor startup disc but hope to borrow one on Wednesday

  woodchip 18:09 12 Apr 2004

Is it possible to go back to a restore point

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