Complete reinstall

  carper 09:48 16 Mar 2008

As I have lost a number of bits of windows and have a lot of general clutter I have decided to do a complete reinstall. As I only have a recovery disc and not full Windows XP, I am wondering if I need to remove the various extras I have installed before reinstallation. The extras I have are memory, second hard drive,DVD writer,Firewire ports. I appreciate I will need to reinstall printers etc.but I am wondering if I need to reinstall anything which has got it's own drivers. Any help appreciated Carper

  MAJ 09:55 16 Mar 2008

By 'recovery disk' I assume you mean the disk supplied by the computer manufacturerIf that is the case, then you will have to reinstall all your peripheral's drivers, printers, scanners, cameras and yes the firewall card as well etc. It wont matter that you have installed more memory or more drives, unless they are SATA drives. If they are SATA drives then you will have to install the SATA drivers if they aren't on your recovery disk.

  johnnyrocker 09:55 16 Mar 2008

before something as drastic as that why not try informing this forum of your problems we may be able to resolve?


  spuds 13:13 16 Mar 2008

Before doing a complete re-install, make sure that you have any additional drivers etc on hand. Alternatively, you could consider a back-up download,if you have the facilities, just in case!.

  carper 18:46 16 Mar 2008

Thanks Johnnyrocker, but two main areas which are missing are outlook express and sound control. Both these I have queried on this forum. I received replies and spent a lot of time trying to recover them without success. It seems like the suggestions that Windows has corrupted files would appear to be the answer so to me a reinstall would seem to be the best answer.
Spuds. I have already copied all programmes and files to a 320gig external hard drive so I think I am covered in that respect.
I have all the driver discs for the items I have fitted extras so I think I will go ahead.
Wish me luck,
Regards Carper

  rdave13 19:06 16 Mar 2008

If you have a recovery disc then you have to restore the PC to how it was originally in hardware terms. Otherwise the restore disk will not recognise the PC. Restore is tied to the PC same as OS oem versions.

  carper 13:38 18 Mar 2008

Thanks for your comment rdave13. That was my whole intention to get back to my original and have a clean start. Perhaps I confused the issue calling my OEM discs recovery discs. I shall go ahead when I have a full day spare!!! or maybe a week. carper

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