Complete PC for around £400

  onthenose26 13:20 03 Dec 2007


I need a new PC but I'm keen to something that is suitable for my needs rather than something which isn't great, or something which is more expensive than it needs to be. I am looking to spend under £400 and need it just for broadband internet access and MS Office 2003, plus some music storage. I won't ever play games on it. I could spend the rest of my life lokoing at the various options so I was wondering if anyone had any great ideas or recommendations?

I already have a flat screen monitor which I am quite happy with, but wondered whether it will be as simple as just plugging it into a new PC base unit or if it could cause further complications?

I would like to get Vista - is home basic adequate or should I bother to get premium?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

  Totally-braindead 17:21 03 Dec 2007

Get one of the Novatech PCs, if you want Vista then fine but get 2 gig of memory.
click here

I would get Premium as its only £8 more and some of the extras you get for the £8 are related to multimedia IE Music, videos etc. Its worth the extra for that alone.

And yes if you already have a monitor then you just plug it in.

  martjc 22:44 03 Dec 2007

...look at the Dell site...
click here

Fairly cheap stuff there will fit your needs.

  warlord12345 21:53 04 Dec 2007

cougar extreme are cheaper than dell and novatech and have had great reviews, not that dell and nova havnt but you should look into it there. click here

ur monitor should plug in fine :)

  keef66 13:31 05 Dec 2007

The Novatech Icon Pro with 2gb ram and Vista home premium preinstalled comes to £300. Plug it in and off you go!

Couldn't manage one as good or as cheap on the Dell site.

  keef66 16:55 05 Dec 2007

click here

Ebuyer have an Acer T180 for £250!

  keef66 17:02 05 Dec 2007

oops! Only 1gb ram. Stick to the Novatech

  Totally-braindead 17:04 05 Dec 2007

Only thing I don't like about the Acer keef66 is that it has Vista but only 1 gig of RAM and the graphics 6100 could be onboard and if so it needs more RAM, admitadly RAM is cheap but I would still prefer the Novatech offering personally.

  onthenose26 09:17 06 Dec 2007


Thanks for all the advice. The Novatech ones look like a great option. I'm trying to decide between the Isys Pro and the Icon Pro. The Isys will cost an extra £25 and comes with the Intel Pentium Dual Core rather than the AMD Athlon X2 4200 processor. This seems to be the only main difference. Is it worth spending the extra £25 or will the cheaper option be quite adequate for what I need ? To be honest I don't really know what Dual Core means anyway and whether its a better option ??

  keef66 09:26 06 Dec 2007

Dual core means there are two processor cores on the cpu chip; much better for multitasking. They are both dual core (that's what the X2 means for the Athlon)

For your needs I'd save the money and stick to the AMD

  BioBob 10:48 06 Dec 2007

I would suggest you consider this company - NSYS click here. I know they are reputed to only use top quality components, but they will help out people on any budget.

My neighbour got one on Friday which we set up in my house (present for daughter so wanted to make sure it worked!). Its really nice.

Just fill in their contact form; tell them the budget and sit back. They do all the legwork from then on!

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