Complete Loss of Power - Help

  JayDay 19:01 08 Nov 2004

Posted on behalf of an elderly neighbour.

My neighbour asked me to look at her PC (Compaq Presario) as she couldn't switch it on. On examining her PC I found that on pressing the on button nothing happened. No lights, noise, nothing. I tried a different power cable (which I knew was working) still nothing. The power socket on the wall is working fine.

I can only assume it's the PSU unless someone out there has any other ideas.

How is is it replacing a Compaq PSU, do you have to get a Compaq one?

Thanks in advance.

  Technotiger 19:25 08 Nov 2004

Think you are correct - definately sounds like dead psu. Not too expensive these days, not too
difficult to change. Good luck.

  harps1h 19:26 08 Nov 2004

no you don't have to get compaq psu. depending how old it is i would say if you had to buy a new one get a 350 watt psu. they are not hard to install, you just have to make sure all the components have power going to them. a word of caution though, make sure the fans are connected if you disconnect any.

  BlueMeanie 19:29 08 Nov 2004


Either take the complete PC to a local PC shop, or open up the PC and take the power supply to them. Some early Compaqs use a unique power supply (PSU) but later ones use a bog-standard one (£20 or so). I hope luck is on your side and it is the later.

If it is a unique Compaq PSU then visit your local computer fayre, or try "advertising" (quoting the part number) here for one. Compaq would charge you a fortune for a historic replacement unit.


  JayDay 19:34 08 Nov 2004

Thanks guys. BlueMeanie very helpful thanks. I have built several PC's in the past, although never had to change a PSU. Can't be that tricky though.

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