Complete Laptop Protection freeware ???

  littlestan 14:42 08 May 2008

Hi guys,
Simple question - I hope! I am a bit of a greenhorn with IT but please can you smarter people tell me if there is an ABSOLUTELY FREE software programme in existence that covers your PC for viruses,spyware,and all the other nasties.
I have a basic HP laptop - runs Vista and currently have AVG installed (free version), but as other post have said - seems like that is coming to an end and it doesn't seem to want to allow me to up date it to the version 8 when I try - so might have to change at the end of May......but your general advice and suggestions would be very greatly appreciated as I am conscious to protect myself COMPLETELY and would welcome some pointers and how to dos! many thanks everyone.

  sean-278262 15:05 08 May 2008

If you cannot get AVG free to work then try avast which is also free. It isnt my personal preference however it does work well.

Be sure to get spybot s&d and also spyware blaster to protect against spyware malware and adware rubbish.

Finally get CCleaner to keep your PC clean of any things such as tracking cookies and other junk websites make you download.

However AVG8.0 is totally free I had it installed however it caused me some issues so had to revert to 7.5 for now. If you want me to send you a copy of AVG 8 by email or MSN messenger hit the yellow envelope and drop me a message. I would be more than happy to send a copy.


  sean-278262 15:07 08 May 2008

And on a side note all the above can be gotten free using your chosen search engine.

click here

This is the address of the free AVG AV download page.


  brundle 15:09 08 May 2008

Good advice above, but there are some conflicts between AVG8 and the immunisation provided by Spywareblaster/Spybot. Just something to bear in mind, it doesn't make your system vulnerable. Other free anti-spyware products here. click here

The googlepack version of Spywaredoctor is an always-free version, which keeps some of the features the trial version downloaded alone disables after 30 days. click here

  Totally-braindead 15:17 08 May 2008

You don't get a free all in one if thats what you're looking for. But its really no great hassle using a free AV and a seperate free antispyware program.

All you really need is either AVG or AVAST for your free antivirus program and at least one, perhaps two of the many free antispyware programs such as superantispyware or adaware or spybot - theres loads of others to choose from.

Keep them up to date, run a weekly scan with them both and use a bit of common sense by not downloading illegal music, films, games etc and you will have no problem.

  littlestan 16:14 08 May 2008

Thanks guys - WOW knew you would come up with the goodies - but just a few more things as there seems to be loads of stuff i should have!!

1. should i uninstall the AVG 7.5 version i already have and install the new AVG8 version (remember I have VISTA).
2. My laptop is only 5 months old and I think it comes booted up with spyware??? Should I therefore load more from a free site?? Astec what is s&d ??
3. Will all this use lots of memory as I have a simple little laptop and i dont want to gobble memory. I have very little in the way of hardware - but my itunes and finepix photos are my largest items.
4. I assume the CCleaner is a free download too - and on one of the links you kind people have included Thanks again everyone

  sean-278262 16:23 08 May 2008

1. Yes probably a good idea to remove it. Vista will have no problems
2. Shouldnt come with spyware already installed. SPyware is a bad thing. That is what spybot search and destroy is for removing(S&D) ;)
3. AV (antivirus) software should barely touch your resources. And Spybot only runs if you leave the teatimer option on which I dont. So therefore doesnt waste resources needlessly. Similarly with spyware blaster and CCleaner
4. CCleaner is totally free. (I never advise pay for programs if a free better alternative is available). It basically helps keep your PC running smoothly removing excess crap you dont need and fixing some common errors to keep the PC running efficiently.

Totally-braindead made an excellent comment at the end of his post which I would suggest you follow because it is the best thing to do.

If there is anything else feel free to ask.


  Totally-braindead 16:26 08 May 2008

1. I wuld leave it just now as there has been some people who have had a bit of bother with AVG 8.0. The 7.5 version is still going to work till December so theres no mad rush about it.
2. It depends what the spyware software is. Personally I would load one other program, something like Superantispyware and check its running ok and leave it at that. S&D is Spybot Search and Destroy.
3. Assumming you mean RAM and not hard drive Superantispware and AVG don't use much, actually thinking about it they don't use much hard drive space either. Anyway in my opinion at least you will be using less resources using AVG free and something like Superantispyware rather than using a paid for all in one package.
4. And yes CrapCleaner is free too and its an excellent program, does what it says on the tin.

  Totally-braindead 16:28 08 May 2008

The Spyware software you have preinstalled (if you do have anything) is probably windows defender which I must admit I have never used.

  User-1229748 16:45 08 May 2008

if you go with spywareblaster you want the javacool version

  littlestan 16:56 08 May 2008

THANK YOU ALL SOOOOOOO MUCH - I have printed off all your help and will read properly with glasses on!! I certainly will pick your brains again if i get stuck - many thanks again x

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