A complete format of the harddrive

  Wizz198303 03:43 20 Jan 2005

I have XP Pro, and i would like to completely wipe my harddrive to its manufacting settings fresh for another installation of XP Pro so i can get rid of any bugs or other crap that seems to be slowing my PC down.

Can anyone help! cos it aint as easy as it was with Win 98SE.

Thanks in advance

  kinshou ookawa 07:18 20 Jan 2005

hello there
if you installed windows xp from a cd without a previous windows alredy installed then it could just be a matter of creating a boot disk ( choose from any of the following, pop a floppy in the drive and create it : click here ) then restarting your computer, if your computer is setup to boot from the floppy drive first then the hard drive then it should start churning away, if it doesnt you will need to reboot and at the bios menu look for the option to change boot order (possible something like f11), boot from the floppy and to format your hard disk (if you just want a quick format it takes a few seconds, but a full format can take many minutes and depending on your hard drive size, possibly hours)
to do a quick format type at the command prompt:
format c: /q
and to do a ful format just miss the /q off then end to give you:
format c:
where c: is the drive letter of your hard drive you want to format.
once your computer is clean from all those bugs, remains of killed off spyware, virus remains and such, you are ready to install windows again :)
pop your windowx xp disk in the computer and hit the reset button (gently :) ) and make sure your computer boots from the cdrom drive, all being wel you should have the windows setup running and be back up in no time, however. if you are one of te unlucky souls that picked up an upgrade only disk you will already need to have version of windows already installed (windows xp setup can't be started from dos - to the best of my knowledge).if all goes well we shall see you on the other side :) , but if all doesn't go well "borrow" a friends computer for a while and come back to the forum for some more help with any little quirks or niggles you may have encountered :)
good luck

  swapper 07:32 20 Jan 2005

Were you not provided with a Recovery disk, I would have thought that this would have done the job that you want?

  jules52 07:52 20 Jan 2005

Esentially formatting and reinstalling XP Pro is a lot simpler than 98SE. I have two networked PCs running XP Pro + Home. I have reformatted both within the last week. As Kinshou says - if you have an upgrade version you will probably not be able to load from fresh. If that is the case I would reformat and reinstall 98SE and then use the upgrade. If not, I would try to avoid boot up disks - let XP take care of it. Just make sure your BIOS reads your CD/DVD drive first. A problem that I did encounter recently was that when trying to reformat/reinstall XP Home was that I had loaded MS service pack 2 recently and it would not let me do anything because it detected that I was trying to install an older version. If that happens to you you can either uninstall SP 2 first or use a boot floppy "format c:" (where "c" is your hard drive). As we all know formatting and reinstalling is easy - but getting it all to work again can take a bit longer. I assure you that XP makes that process a lot easier.

  Wizz198303 22:54 20 Jan 2005

Yes i have a recovery disk, i bought the computer with XP pre-installed on it so dont have windows 98SE :(.

So i guess im gonna have to take Jules route and prey it doesnt bug me about the Service Pack 2 i have.

How would i uninstal SP 2 anyways???

  Wizz198303 23:07 20 Jan 2005

Also what magazine edition did Nero CD burner software come out in? cos im having trouble finding what cd it was on.

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