Complete crash anyone think they can help?

  A Maz 16:41 01 Apr 2007

OK here we go, I tried to boot up this morning but nothing not a sausage. So left the machine thinking what did I do? A little later I tried again and got to the bios, with a message about Hardware Monitor. Had a look couldn't see anything, exit the bios but endered up at another bios screen message but not very informative.
So tried a reboot, nothing except after a minute the fans kicked in and then a while later the drives seemed to do something, but basically still nothing no screen.
So what happened, ah ha whilst moving the desk around yesterday, a piece fell onto the power cord into the back of the machine. So I'm thinking the power has issues? On one of the excerts into the bios I got to the monitor and saw the following.
MB -1c/30.5F !
CPU as above
CPU Fan 0 RPM (however it was working)
Chasis Fan N/A as above
Vcore Volt 4.08v
+3.3 Volt 4.08v
+5 Volt 6.85v
+12 Volt 16.32v
Since then I have not got anything working.
Could the jolt have affected other items or is it possible that the power supply has gone affecting boot up, I do have a 200W unit from and old machine and I did try it, but I'm not sure it was up for the job.
Phew sorry, any idea's much appreciated.

  howard64 16:47 01 Apr 2007

I take it you have checked that power is going into the pc? Switch on psu not fully on? When you switch on is fan at back of psu turning? Most problems start with psu.

  wotbus@ 17:10 01 Apr 2007

""a piece fell onto the power cord into the back of the machine".
Do you mean something fell onto the power cord "which goes into the back of the machine" - or
Something fell onto the power cord then went into the back of the machine"?
If the first instance, was it heavy/sharp enough to trash the mains lead? Try a different mains lead.
Second scenario - bit different. Was it something small enough to be ingested via the PSU fan grill (if it's at the back) and was it conductive enough to short out something inside the PSU?
Probability: It worked OK before you moved the desk and something interfered in some way with the power (lead and/or PSU) so there lies your problem. It could also be coincidental you PSU was in the process of pegging out! Your old 200W PSU should have been sufficient to power up your PC. Check the mains outlet for current/good connections - check the mains lead to the PC (by substitution if possible) - make sure the lead is pushed fully home into the PSU and switch on the PSU (if you have a switch to do so). Try to power up the PC. If nothing happens it is more than likely your PSU has died.
If you are certain your old PSU is fully serviceable, do a replacement job and try again. If still nothing I reckon you have 2 dead PSU's on your hands. I had 2 go withing a few weeks of each other on different machines, so it does happen :-(

  A Maz 17:12 01 Apr 2007

Actually I hadn't thought of that, mainly as there must be power getting to the PC as there is a light on the MB and the CPU fan kicks in but now you have said it NO the fan is NOT turning on the PSU.
Would the 200 watt unit I tried not be enough power to handle a 2ghz CPU A7V600 a CD drive a DVD drive two hard drives, I'm answewring my own question aren't I!

  A Maz 17:13 01 Apr 2007

IGNORE MY LAST POST the FAN IS Working it was so quiet I didn't notice.

  wotbus@ 17:21 01 Apr 2007

Your 200W PSU is sufficient to power up your machine. It may not be enough to use in the long term but it will confirm or otherwise the serviceability of your existing PSU. The important thing is to get the PC up and running. With dodgy power supplies you may do more harm than good trying to get the system stable with a failing PSU...

  A Maz 17:29 01 Apr 2007

OK further detail the PSU does give power but it sits there for a minute or so then the fans kick in!!!

  A Maz 17:36 01 Apr 2007

Thanks wotbus.
Something heavy fell on the cord, it was wooden but of course could possibly still have created a short.
I know the cord is OK I tried that into my Screen and I swapped the Screen cord to the PSU but same issues.
The 200 wat unti IS OLD, but I will try it again.
I will go out and buy a cheap PSU if that works I'll get a better one if not then something else must have failed.

  A Maz 17:52 01 Apr 2007

Maplins got a 350W unit locally I think I'll try that if it doesn't work ! Well I'll be stuck!

  A Maz 18:34 02 Apr 2007

OK got a new PSU fans kicked in straight away, PC started booting up.
Now I'm in a situation where I have to sit and look at the (do you want to Flash or go into bios screen), I first entered it and the bios asked about the CPU being reset/new, I set to the correct core speed, saved and exited, and againd had to wait for a minute ot two before I got to a screen which gave me the option to hit F1 and continue when I do that I can get into windows, 2k by the way. But now when ever I boot I have to go through the wait at the boot up do you want to go into bios optin before I can continue.
I can't see anything obvious in the bios but I might not be looking in the right place any idea's anyone?

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