Compatible Webcam for a bare-bones PC

  buckland 14:36 26 Jul 2005

Can anyone recommend please a Webcam (with built in Mic) for a PC with the following specifications: Windows 98 SE, Pentium 3 with 500 Mhz speed, 64 Mb RAM, 200 Mb Free Hard Drive Space, 16-Bit Colour Display Adaptor, Windows Sound Card and Speaker, CD-ROM and USB. I know of some Webcams which are not suitable but wish to know if there are any which will work on this set up bearing in mind the Windows 98 SE and the speed of 500 Mhz. Many thanks for any advice. Regards, Buckland.

  woodchip 14:40 26 Jul 2005

If you are not on a Fast BroadBand connection I would not bother. I have a new Trust one that I got Free with a BB connection from NTL but never used it. I am on a 512kb connection

  woodchip 14:42 26 Jul 2005

And do not think you would get any type of good results with you comp as it's too low spec

  Effie 11:00 15 Aug 2005

I have the exact same specifications of PC on my own PC and have been using dialup for several years with my Logitech webcam. Picture isnt the best but then again, the webcam is 2 years old and hasnt as many pixels or an in built mike as do the newer ones.

I'm now using BB and it works a bit better but the important thing to remember is; how good is your graphic card and how many pixels is used by the webcam + is whoever you are contacting using the same specification webcam as yourself?

From what I can see the new ones have 1.3 million pixels which should give you better definition. I myself prefer to use a seperate mike as I'm not so sure the in built mike has as great a clarity in use as would using a decent headset.

The Logitech Quich cam 4000 pro might be worth having a second look. Pricewise, currently appears to have some of the best prices going or

Good luck

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