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  Mike Mills 09:12 05 Apr 2003

I have just purchased some compatible ink cartridges from choice stationary for my Epson C70 plus printer. I have changed the black cartridge and the dialogue box now tells me that this 'new' cartridge is not recognised. Is there anything I can do so (alter any settings etc) that I may able to use the cartridge or do i need to buy another, prehaps even a manufacturers(how much!) own?? Any advice gratefully received....Thank you

  Pesala 09:32 05 Apr 2003

If Choice Stationery say that they are compatible, then they should be recognised. I use Jettec cartridges from Westlakes, which are a bit more expensive. I do get a message recommending that I use Epson originals, and do I wish to continue as printout may not be reliable. What a cheek, but no problems.

Try going through the replace ink cartridge routine once more, taking out the cartridge and putting it back in again. If it defintely is not recognised, return it to Choice Stationery for a replacement or a refund. Do persist with compatibles if you do a lot of printing. They are much cheaper, but as you are finding, not without problems.

  Mike Mills 09:37 05 Apr 2003

Have taken out and reinstalled(several times!) got rid of the error message, but nothing on test page!! will try some of the cleaning utilities!!! thanks for your advice.

  -pops- 09:45 05 Apr 2003

All the problems that come through these pages involving compatible cartridges makes one wonder if it is all worth while. If you were in a working environment, all the time messing around getting these things to work would most likely be appreciably more expensive than using the genuine thing in the first place.

I get my GENUINE cartridges from click here or from click here

I always have a set in reserve as these two companies aren't the fastest in the world but that's a very small downside.


  Pesala 11:17 05 Apr 2003

It stands to reason that no one is going to bother to post messages saying that their compatible cartridges are working fine. After, all this a place for problems. What you say is perfectly valid though, time costs money, and more expensive printers often have lower running costs.

Original toner cartridges for my laser printer are about £70 each. A bottle of refill toner is about £10. Don't try to tell me that is not worth messing around with refilling the cartridges. It takes about five or ten minutes to save £60.

As for Epson compatibles, Jettec compatibles from Westlakes (which are twice the price of those from Choice Stationery) cost £7 & £14 instead of £12 & £24 for originals. A faulty cartridge was replaced by Westlakes by return of post. So far that is one faulty cartridge and seven good ones that gave no problems at all. Cost savings = £54 - 26p for a stamp, and maybe £5 or £10 for the time wasted messing about with test prints.

I couldn't find C80 cartridges on 7Day Shop, and the MX2 site was so slow (on broadband) that I gave up. I am sure that these problems could be overcome, but that would take time too. Originals at Novatech are nearly £12 for colour and £24 for black.

  MFL 12:22 05 Apr 2003

Now buy my cartridges from Similar low prices for original cartridges as MX2 but no P&P.
Following recent advice in PC Advisor I have finally overcome my fears of invalidating warranties and tried Inkrite compatibles also from Pricestorm. A set of 4 cartridges for my Epson C80 cost £18 - about the cost of one original black cartridge. Installed 2 of them today with no problem. Despite the impression given in the profile of Epson in the current issue of PC Advisor it seems these compatibles do have chips which will monitor ink levels

  shifty 12:25 05 Apr 2003

I had exactly the same problem with my Epson C70 plus using choice stationary compatibles. I had purchased two of each cartridge and I ended up trying three without success. First installation not recognised, re-installed and was recognised until the printer had been switched off and turned back on again. I contacted choice who suggested trying a second cartridge while they forwarded a replacement. After trying another cartridge plus the replacement without success the cartridges where returned for a full no questions asked refund. I now use cartridges from 7 day shop without any problems.

  pepe 13:28 05 Apr 2003
  beattyben 09:53 06 Apr 2003

I've been buying compatibles from choicestationary for some time now and have not (until now) experienced any problems. I recently purchased compatibles for my Epson C80, which were not recognised. I've followed their instructions to re-install (numerous times) with no luck. I e-mailed choice on 30/03/2003 and I'm still waiting for a reply. I intend to return the cartridges and expect a refund. Will try another supplier in future

  shifty 15:16 06 Apr 2003

I didn't bother waiting for a reply from choice, I just packaged up the cartridges with a note regarding the return and posted them recorded delivery. Took a couple of weeks but I did get a refund. I have used them for some years for a previous printer but with my new C70plus had no luck at all. Have been using compatibles from for sometime since with success, and if you order now they are post free.

  beattyben 15:38 06 Apr 2003

Shifty-many thanks for the info re 7day I will try them out. Don't ask why but I went to PC World to check prices....£63.96 for epson originals, they don't sell compatibles for the C80. A new C62 printer inclusive of cartridges was cheaper!!!!

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