Compatible discs for PC and DVD/VCR Recorder

  sheila.weston 12:33 04 Jan 2006

Can someone please tell me what discs to buy for our new DVD/VCR Recorder which will be compatable with my Mesh PC. Our recorder is a Toshiba D-VR35SB and Dixons sold us a pack of Sony 4.7GB DVD-RW (1 x 2 x compatible with CPRM) disks. On the disks themselves it says 'for video/data'.

These disks are fine for use on the unit itself. I have managed to view some images on the TV screen copied from the pc onto one of the Bulkpaq DVD+R disks. But when I try to use one of these disks to record from a TV program I am told that it is an incompatable media.

  dms05 12:47 04 Jan 2006

It's a real minefield! First of all what DVD standard is your Toshiba? If it's +R then -R won't work. If it's +/- R then they both should, theoretically. However not all DVD R's will be compatible with all players. Just a fact of life!

I bought a trial pack from click here that included 12 different makes. I tried them all and found the one's most suited to my needs. I then stuck with them. These people click here also sell at much lower prices than in the High Street. TDK + or - DVD at 25p each!

  eego 13:03 04 Jan 2006

Without knowing the full spec. for your machine I can only assume it is -RW only, however this seems most unlikely with a newish machine. It could simply be that there is an option to select between +/-RW in the record set-up menu that needs changing.

  Confab 13:08 04 Jan 2006

Can you check the make model number of your DVD recorder. I can't find it listed anywhere!

  Confab 13:16 04 Jan 2006

Found it on Dixons website. It says in the spec that it's a DVDRAM, DVD-R RW recorder.

If you want to use a disk to record a TV prog then you'll need to make sure that it's formatted by the recorder first. Your recorder can't record on to the +R format only RAM or -R or -RW although it appears from what you say that your recorder can read +R disks

  dms05 13:38 04 Jan 2006

When you've recorded and FINALISED a DVD + or -R recording it should play on any DVD machine. In fact you'll find that's not true, it will play on some machines. Nothing is 100% compatible.

Just to be confusing a RW wether + or - doesn't need FINALISING.

I've never had to format a DVD R before using on my DVD Recorder. Just put in a blank and press REC. My DVD Recorder is + / - and will happily record either format.

DVD R as opposed to RW are so cheap off the Internet that it's hardly worth buying RW's any more. I just bought 100 DVD+R for £25 delivered. That's 500Gb of data or 300 hours of TV at an acceptable level of quality.

  Confab 13:57 04 Jan 2006

My DVD-RW's need finalising if I want to view/edit them on my pc.

Just to quote sheila.weston "I have managed to view some images on the TV screen copied from the pc onto one of the Bulkpaq DVD+R disks. But when I try to use one of these disks to record from a TV program I am told that it is an incompatable media"

It seems that her recorder cannot record onto +R disks, only read them.

sheila.weston If you're not sure what media your PC DVD drive can record onto download and run NeroInfo tool from click here

It will tell you what types of DVD your pc DVD can read/write to. As mentioned before your DVD recorder (tv) can only write to RAM or -R or -RW but can read other formats. Check the instructions

  dms05 14:38 04 Jan 2006

Even more confusing! I've just tried to Finalise a DVD-RW in my DVD+/- Recorder and it refuses to allow the action! I can Finalise +/- R's.

I wonder if you are formatting the DVD RW in your computer before recording on your Recorder? I don't.

In any case, as you say, Nero will help sheila.weston sort out her parameters and therefore hopefully understand her problem!

Shall we confuse sheila.weston by saying she maybe able to record Video on CD in her DVD Recorder provided she 'conditions' her CD first. If her Recorder supports this it will tell her how in the Instructions. She'll get about 70 mins of Video on a CD at approx VHS quality.

Isn't life complicated!

  Confab 14:46 04 Jan 2006

If I want to edit a DVD-RW on my pc (one that I've recorded from the TV) then I firstly have to format the DVD on my set top DVD recorder in something called Video Mode, as opposed to the other mode my recorder has called VR Mode. VR mode has more editing capabilities than Vidoe Mode but is not the standard DVD format that's playable in most DVD players. Once I've formatted the disk and made the recording I then have to finalise it. If I don't do this it's not recognised by NERO or DVD Shrink or any DVD player on my pc.

One day there will be just one format!!

  sheila.weston 16:13 04 Jan 2006

Gosh, this is a lot to take in!

I didn't finalise the disks, so that may very well be the answer.I'll also try formatting a disk in Video mode

My DVD Recorder is a Sony DVD RW DW-D22A and DVD player is Matchita-ROM SR 8588.

Many thanks for the suggestions.

Meanwhile, does anyone know of a website which would answer some other questions we have on the toschiba eg on copying disks? I have looked in GOOGLE, but not found any very active forum.The manual is't very comprehensive.

  sheila.weston 17:17 04 Jan 2006

I have just tried finalising a tape (Sony DVD-RWR for video/data) and playing it back on the pc. Nothing!

Looking at the Disk in drive D:\ there is a folder called DVD_RIAV which cxcontains two files called VR_MANGR.IFO and VR_MOVIE.VRO. Also a file called '.Sys-Reserved-RW-Bitmap.GROW'.

When I try to open any of these I am asked if I would like to use the web to find the appropiate program. This leads me to click here which only tells me that it is a new specification etc. It doesn't tell me how to play it!

I'll try formatting in video mode next.

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