Compatible carts and Canon Printers

  Little Davel 00:17 29 Aug 2005

I have a lovely Canon Pixma IP 4000 and its wonderful. I have seen it recommended on one or two forums that Print Rite compatible carts are a cheaper alternative to Canon own brands carts. I have used Print Rite before and like them. Started to use the compats which work very well but noticed slightly different shades of colours (ie skin textures etc)..... is this typical of compat carts for canons? or a one off ?

  Happy Soul 00:50 29 Aug 2005

Have you looked click here ?

  Little Davel 09:23 29 Aug 2005

Thanks... I have used Choice before on my Epson....tbh I had problems with their own brand carts and it was one reason that I upgraded to the Canon. I found print-rite to be better on the epson. I think you have to be careful with these fine printheads and I may just have to experiment with print-rite and canon carts to get the right skin colour ! A mixture of them perhaps ?

  Al94 10:19 29 Aug 2005

I get all my Canon compatible carts from here click here and have never had any problems, quality is exellent, good prices and often delivered next day.

  Faser 10:28 29 Aug 2005

I wold strongly advise using genuine Canon cartridges. Shop around on the net for prices a 1/3 less than high steet prices.

My first Canon printer failed after using good quality aftermarket cartridges. Fortunataly it was just in warrenty and Canon fixed it without question.

The next printer,Canon i470D has just failed after 2 years. I started using Prit Rite black and guess what? the colour stil works!

The odd thing is it only seems to be a problem if you let the cartridge run out; possibly due to the very fine nozzles Canon use. Head cleaners have not fixed the fault and have just binned the printer

  Little Davel 10:39 29 Aug 2005

Interesting .I have print rite - have just put some in . So the message is dump them or wait until the sign says empty ?

  Al94 11:28 29 Aug 2005

I had a problem with head drying out on a Canon i455 after using genuine canon carts - solved by taking out the printhead and soaking in a saucer of lukewarm water for an hour, rinsing and drying. Has never happened since with compats!

  Faser 14:26 29 Aug 2005

All print heads will dry up eventually if not used for a long time.

Mine failed when I ignored the replace cartridge warning when printing a long document with a compatible (both times). I tried everything to cure it.

Little Davel I would recommend changing cartridge as soon as the low ink warning pops up. You are lucky though, your print head retails at about £37 just over 1/2 the price of mine!

  Faser 14:33 29 Aug 2005

Oops! looked at part number for wrong printer head. Can't find part no. or price for yours...scary

  Faser 14:34 29 Aug 2005

Oops! looked at part number for wrong printer head. Can't find part no. or price for yours...scary

  Little Davel 17:52 29 Aug 2005

Notice that you can see the dots clearer with the compats as well. Canon originals do a better job !

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