Compaq Restore CD, is this immoral?

  HighTower 09:15 26 Jul 2004

I need to get hold of a driver for the onboard sound in a Compaq Presario S7300. As I have reformatted the Hard Disk and installed XP Pro rather than the Home edition that came as standard I don't have access to the restore partition. In hindsight I should have backed it up, but I never imagined it would be so difficult to download these basic drivers, ot that they wouldn't be available in the standard XP install anyway.

It appears that you cannot donwload the drivers but have to fork out £20 for a system restore CD. If I "borrowed" a CD from somebody would that be immoral? Whilst I agree that companies have a right to protect their software isn't it a bit extreme in this case? If it was an software application I would perhaps understand, but a driver which I have in effect already paid for on purchase of the hardware should surely be available for download free of charge?

If anyone has any opinions on this, or a solution which helps avoid paying out £20 and keeps me out of jail then I'd be interested to hear it. I think at the end I'll probably end up paying out, but it's a bit steep when all I need is one tiny driver!

Thanks all.

  HighTower 09:16 26 Jul 2004

Posted twice for some reason! Apologies.

  anchor 09:34 26 Jul 2004

It may be immoral, but I would not have scruples in "borrowing" another restore CD to install the sound drivers.

In my opinion the immorality was in that Compaq, (HP), did not supply these on CD in the first place. It would only have cost them pennies to have done this.

  HighTower 09:38 26 Jul 2004

Or at least provide a download location!

  Pesala 09:39 26 Jul 2004

might actually be cheaper than downloading the drivers for the onboard sound.

  Chegs ® 11:33 26 Jul 2004

I had reason to d/l ALL the drivers for a Compaq Presario(my 1st PC)It took me days to hunt thru all the "SoftPaq's" but I eventually found them all.If you can tell us the exact audio chipset in use,it should be possible to locate a driver for you.(If you dont know this info,then Aida32,Belarc should find out for you)

  HighTower 12:02 26 Jul 2004

Sussed! Downloaded SiSoft's SANDRA and got all the details of the hardware I needed.

Even a link on the compaq/hp site to Intel, Microstar International etc would have been helpful.

Thanks to all for your suggestions.

  sicknote 12:10 26 Jul 2004

This link shows click here the drivers as being crystal soundfusion.Now if you go into Device manager then sound,video& game controllers,open the tree up and then choose audio drivers done and right click to get update drivers then install from a list >next >don't search i will choose the driver install >next> untick show compatiable hardware you should get a dropdown menu with crystal semiconductors on it and drivers for that

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