Compaq Presario no video signal

  awest3 14:12 29 Mar 2011

Petium 4 processor 515, 1.5 gig DDR, XP, twin HDD, DVD drive and double layer DVD drive. ATI Radeon x300se video card.

The PC seems to start ok but I get no green light on the case and no signal to the monitor. Both DVD drives flash with their green lights and all the fans are working. I've taken both HDD's out and they are working fine.

I have a few old Video cards but none of them fit this machine.

I'm not sure the problem is the video card as I do not get the green light (it goes orange for a bit then goes out) on the front of the machine.

It belongs to a friend and I have to say I've never seen such a dirt/dust clogged machine like this before. I had to take out most of the componants just to get some air circulating..the fan on the cpu was the worst, not sure how it continued to work at all...

After a through clean its still the same. Any ideas as to where to go next would be appreciated.

The monitor, keyboard and mouse are all mine and work ok on another machine.

  awest3 14:54 29 Mar 2011

just tried my ATI radeon 2400 hd in it...fits but still the same I assume its not the Video Card...

  awest3 15:51 29 Mar 2011


would a power supply failure still work enough to power the fans etc..?

  awest3 16:05 29 Mar 2011

forgot to does not turn I'm assuming its not overheating..

  awest3 08:18 30 Mar 2011

ordered a new PSU...only £16 so worth a try...will report back

  awest3 14:34 31 Mar 2011

fitted new PSU, no change I'm afraid...what to try next..?

  MAT ALAN 14:56 31 Mar 2011

Could be a loose cable or one of the pins is bent...

  awest3 16:14 31 Mar 2011

hi guys, no beeps although mouse and dvd drives flash as if post is working. Just taken the cpu out ~(Pent 4 515,sl85v) but dont know how to test..!


  awest3 14:38 01 Apr 2011

just ordered a replacement processor (used £9.95 delivered)...we shall see.

  onthelimit1 14:56 01 Apr 2011

I suppose you have tried another cable?

  awest3 15:32 01 Apr 2011

Thanks, yes the cables are all mine as is the monitor, keyboard and mouse...

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