Compaq Presario Desktop FDISK?

  Danoh 07:29 24 Sep 2004

A neighbours Compaq will not recover by using the Recovery Disk and I'm considering FDISK-reformat and reinstal of MS ME. However I pick up from other threads that this may not be possible with the Recovery Disk as there are required files left on the HDD and not on the Recovery Disk.

Is this true and what is the best way to achieve of complete clear-out please?

  JonnyTub 09:48 24 Sep 2004

you could always borrow a copy of me and make sure you use the licence from the machine and not the one from the borrowed copy.

  JonnyTub 10:32 24 Sep 2004

as bela says you will lose that sensitive information (sorry i shouuld've mentioned that), however i don't see any other way forward if your restore disk is not working at all. Is it just a case of it's scratched and not being recognised or is it a software problem? More info on whats happening plz

  ventanas 10:54 24 Sep 2004

I had a similar problem a year ago when my HD failed. Had to fit a new one and then had no option but to go out and buy a retail copy of XP.

Sorry but you can't use a disc supplied with another system, or any OEM version. Seems like a good opportunity to ditch ME.

Out of interest do you receive any error messages, or does it just not work. Why not see if you can read the disc in your PC.

  Danoh 11:30 24 Sep 2004

I haven't yet got my hands on the PC involved. Its all been verbally related to me by the neighbors and their elder daughter. PC World can't help unless I am calling while sat at the PC at the time either!!

Will come back with more info; please be patient until I can do that over the weekend.

  JonnyTub 12:06 24 Sep 2004

you say "Sorry but you can't use a disc supplied with another system, or any OEM version. Seems like a good opportunity to ditch ME. "

As far as i'm aware you can as i stated above provided you aren't using the licence key for that borrowed copy of me and use the one supplied with the computer usually in the form of a sticker where machines come preloaded. You can also use a borrowed disk to repair installations etc.

Anyway your probably right about ditching me

  Danoh 20:18 27 Sep 2004

The recovery disk starts going for a few minutes only and then freezes. There are 6 viruses which are detected but can not be removed by various a/v products. Quite a few Windows utility programs seem to have lost various functions from the standard toolbars. Pretty massive damage even though it appears to allow a very limited amount of activity with existing MS Office programs.

The neighbours have decided to go back to PC World to see if they could re-build as is (my view was that its doubtful as its a Compaq-HP specific build and they are just the retailers).

If they are going to have to pay for another O/S licence, then they might as well get XP as long as they upgrade their memory from 256 to 512Mb. Their 60Gb HDD is plenty for their usage. Also as they have 2 students in the house, they could also go for the student licencing which will save them more money again.

Don't know what the outcome is as they haven't called and I haven't had time to touch base with them.

So will ticked this as resolved; many thanks to all who have chipped in to help!!

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