Compaq Presario 5000

  denali 13:18 21 Apr 2006

My neighbours son has had this machine for appx.five years. Apart from installing extra memory he has never had a problem. However! now the hard drive has packed in. Yesterday we spent all afternoon searching the web in an effort to find out how to remove the front cover, which you have to do to install the HDD. All we came up with is the manual. If anyone has, or knows anyone who has, one of these would they be kind enough to help. Thank you

  denali 15:13 21 Apr 2006

ßéLâ. Sorry for the delay! Model No.5WV296

  rmcqua 15:20 21 Apr 2006

Front covers of this vintage often have plastic clips, moulded into and integral with the cover, which have to be pressed inwards to release the clip and enable the cover to be pulled off in a forwards direction. They can sometimes require quite a bit of force to remove.

  denali 16:21 21 Apr 2006

ßéLâ. That's the one. Thank you very much. I will check as soon as my neighbour gets home.

rmcqua. Thank you also. I saw the clips but cannot move them.

  denali 17:12 21 Apr 2006

ßéLâ All finished, thank you. I do feel, though that a seven pound club hammer should have been shipped with this PC as part of the system requirements.

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