Compaq laptop very slow to start

  PhiltheFragger 08:46 03 May 2008

Compaq laptop AMD Turion CPU, 1024Mb RAM 256MB graphics (onboard).XP home SP2

Machine takes an age to startup, hangs on the XP splash screen. then takes about 6 minutes to fully boot

CHKDSK fixed a number of file errors, have been through MSCONFIG with a fine toothcomb, no problems reported in device manager.

Hard drive 20% full, so plenty of free space.

Superantispyware and AVG antivirus are both clean.

after bootup task manager shows system idle at 98%

Anyone able to shed some more light



  johnnyrocker 09:28 03 May 2008

maybe increase memory?


  birdface 09:39 03 May 2008

System Idle process is spot on so nothing using up your CPU.Try right clicking Local Area Connection and press repair, See if it comes up with DNS problem.[Local Area Connection you should find in your quick start.If not Control Panel.Network connections.]

  PhiltheFragger 09:53 03 May 2008

The amount of RAm should be sufficient,if it only had 256, then yes, but that amount of RAM with XP should be ok

have repaired the wireless connection, didnt come up with any errors,

i am defragmenting at the moment so will reboot when that is done.


  johnnyrocker 15:02 03 May 2008

still say memory too low.


  PhiltheFragger 15:30 03 May 2008

well its been 3 hours defragmenting and its still only 53% done on a 100Gb drive

Think we may have a dodgy drive on my hands

It is a fujitsu and will download their diagnostic utility

  woodchip 20:30 03 May 2008

Yes its the drive that is slowing the Laptop down. You need a faster driver

  PhiltheFragger 22:05 03 May 2008

well it passed both the long and short diagnostic tests

boots into safe mode without any delays, so now i think it may be a dodgy driver

any ideas where i should start or shall i just reformat the blooming thing?

  ashdav 22:19 03 May 2008

Check AVG isn't doing a full scan at boot up.
Also most laptops have a battery saving feature which slows down the processor.
Check what power level is selected.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:11 03 May 2008

hangs on the XP splash screen

sounds like a driver problem.

update or reinstall your drivers starting with the graphics drivers.

  PhiltheFragger 12:01 06 May 2008

Tried about half a dozen drivers, got fed up and just reformatted the thing

Works fine now

thanks for all your suggestions

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