Compaq Evo N610c, Windows 2000 and COA

  alexgray104 14:33 31 May 2006

Recently purchased the above laptop second hand, it came with windows 2000 sp4 on it. I (stupidly i suppose) got a "new" copy of Windows XP from a friend - he said it was brand new and legal. Anyways, reformatted HDD and installed it, now I have found out it is an illegal copy. I want to get back to my legal copy of 2000 sp4, but as I reformatted HDD i presume it is completely gone. I still have the COA sticker on underside of laptop. Is there an option just to purchase Windows 2000 discs (not a COA) and install that with the coa I already have?? Otherwise it is going to be a very expensive mistake! Many Thanks,

  moore_mat 14:40 31 May 2006

It may be worth giving Microsoft a call:- 0870 60 10 100 and seeing if they can send you a copy - alternatively (and probably better) - Compaq/HP will be able to send you one - try sending them a support request here :- click here

Best of luck


  alexgray104 14:52 31 May 2006

Sorrry to sound such a fool but do you mean Compaq (believe now part of HP?) will send out 2000 discs if I am second owner?

  moore_mat 14:59 31 May 2006

Yes, For a fee. The install CD will only work with that particular Compaq PC (they won't issue an ACTUAL Windows 2000 CD, but a "restoration" CD that puts back all the Compaq applications, etc as well).
It's just a replacement part; the same as a battery or keyboard or CD Drive.



  Totally-braindead 15:06 31 May 2006

moore_mat have you actually tryed this yourself because without windows installed on a partition on the hard drive I fail to see how this would be able to reload windows. I was under the impression that windows was not actually on the restore disks and it was just software that would reload windows from the hard drive partition.
I could be wrong but this was my impression of the way restore disks work.

  alexgray104 15:10 31 May 2006

oh, so do this mean I have to fork out for a whole new 2000 set of discs and COA? Or does someone know where I can get 2000 software to burn on to a disc and then install - will it still be illegal even though I have a full COA?

  moore_mat 15:12 31 May 2006

Some manufacturers would do this in the past (notably Packard Bell), but these days, the likes of Dell, etc only have a small extra hidden partition (38Mb say) for utilities, not the whole CD. The rest of the software is provided on CD that came with the machine. I have to admit that I don't have a Compaq I can try it on at this moment (I recently had a HP laptop in that did come with the complete software on CD.), but it would certainly be worth a punt contacting HP on the link above with a view to ordering.



  alexgray104 15:16 31 May 2006

don't know whether this would work or not - could I download a full copy of 2000 from a 'dodgy' source and install it with my COA key? would it still be illegal? If not illegal does anyone know where I could get a copy?

  moore_mat 15:20 31 May 2006

Certainly not what we could recommend here - yes - in principal it would still be dodgy - the biggest problem you will have is finding the correct version that goes with your laptop. There are many versions, retail, OEM, Volume, Server, Workstation, etc, etc.

You would also need to download all the drivers separately for your laptop. A process that would be completed in one move with the compaq disk.

To be honest, I would see what HP can do - if it's £15-20 that's far better than £'00s to buy the whole lot again, or a fine in the thousands for dodgy software.



  alexgray104 15:28 31 May 2006

Thanks, M@! Once last ditch attempt - could I purchase a XP Coa sticker (from eBay or wherever) from a PC that has been scrapped, eg:-click here and then reinstall with illegal XP disc and legal COA (from above) to make my dodgy copy legal. Many Thanks again for the help, M@ and Totally-Braindead.

  moore_mat 15:35 31 May 2006

Hi again

It would depend if the label was OEM or not - if a PC dies with OEM software on it; then the software dies as well (OEM is a cheaper form of buying software, but it has it's limitations - as you can see).

If it isn't OEM, then it should be useable. However - you still have an "illegal" CD. Might be worth looking on eBay for a legal one...? Or Microsoft on the number above.

Good luck


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