compaq armada e500 display is very dull

  bigboab y 13:57 04 May 2005

Fell heir to an Armada e500.. it has a very dull display.. pressing Fn + F10 or F9 makes no difference.. I have put XP pro in it.. any thoughts out there? Its a Rage mobility graphic setup

  jack 14:13 04 May 2005

By display you mean screen?
A CRT screen/monitor?
New/Replacement[secondhand] is the answer local computer fairs or copy of MicroMart [ comes out Thursdays]
Yet another victim these days of the throwaway society.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:17 04 May 2005

That's a laptop, is it not?

Try new graphics card drivers. Everest will ID the graphics chipset for you if you don't have a manual.

  bigboab y 14:21 04 May 2005

Meant to say its a laptop..silly boy

  Methedrine 21:17 05 May 2005

Sounds to me like it could be either the inverter or the screen backlight. Personally, I would replace the inverter first as they are less expensive. Get in touch if you need more help.

  bigboab y 23:34 05 May 2005

cheers Meths i'll get it checked out... enjoy your tipple :-)

  jack 14:17 06 May 2005

Lappie Spares try a copy of MicroMart comes out Thursdays

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