Compaq 286 SLT Need help for Diagnostics

  Ex plorer 12:43 14 Dec 2006

Hi I have an old Compaq 286SLT portable PC.
It boots up counting the 3712 kb and then I get the message, (162 system options not set run set-up) and to insert diagnostics diskette in drive A:
I had to use a different HD, as the one it was not responding.
The HD is of the same size and has Dos 5 on it. I have downloaded the necessary set-up from Compaq/HP site and from Driver dot COM.
It just doesn’t seem to be able to boot when the floppy is used.
I have an newer version Diagnostic card for a Compaq 560 which opens the options to set up the PC but it wont run the options as it is the wrong type but it proves the PC is ok.
click here

  Ex plorer 16:07 14 Dec 2006

After trying this download SPO316 I get invalid system disk replace and press F1
I cant try a different floppy as it only has 10 wires to it and it acts as a power cable as well.
But I think the floppy is ok I have striped the whole PC down and put it back together it only has 3 jumpers on the board. I suppose the battery is dead anyway. Any help would be apreciated.
I got the download from hear. click here

  Ex plorer 18:06 14 Dec 2006

Anyone got a disk or set of disks for this 8MHz PC.
I noticed that the jumper had two settings 8 or 12MHz.
I will get it going.

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