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  splatter 11:37 26 Aug 2006

Are these guys/gals any good: click here (SpeedyHost)

There site seems professional but that doesn't always mean they are good.

I'm currently looking for a new host, so if anybody has any suggestions then please let me know.


  ade.h 14:39 26 Aug 2006

I stick with what I know to be good; which means Heart or Web Mania for me.

  splatter 13:53 31 Aug 2006

"Do they have physical contact details not just an email address?"

The contact page cannot be found

"Do they have easy to find T & Cs and do the T & Cs meet the distance selling regulations?"

Not that I can find!

"Does their own site give you the feeling that this is a competent company which knows what it's doing?"

It did, but some aspects of the site give me the feeling that it's template rather than their own site design. It's little things like the 3 buttons above the customer login box that point to nowhere that are making me weary.

ade.h: "I stick with what I know to be good; which means Heart or Web Mania for me."

Thats good advice, but the only host I have ever used was me2uweb...who are good in my eyes, but I have nobody to compare them to.

AS your a prominent member on the forum I'll take it on good faith that Heart and web mania are very good. If you have an affiliate scheme with them, I'll happily click the link if I eventually go with either of them :)

  Red Devil 21:16 10 Sep 2006

Quite a few of the buttons on their website seem to not be working.

I get a 404 error on their contact us and support links - 2 of the MOST important links I would have thought!! - as well as the 3 buttons you're on about. They may well be a fantastic company but their website is doing them no favours truth be told.

I personally use a company called Catalyst2 click here and have had very few problems in the 2 years I've been with them. I have 6 sites hosted by them and, while they do have problems every now and again (as all companies do), I have found them to be easily contactable, responsive and most problems are sorted out in minutes. When a problem can't be sorted out in minutes I am contacted to be told this, given an expected resolution time and the problems I have had have all been resolved sooner rather than later.

To me the test of how good a company is is not how well they do when everything is hunky-dory but how well they perform when the proverbial hits the fan. I've not been let down to date by Catalyst2.

  splatter 21:27 10 Sep 2006

Hi Red Devil, thanks for the pointer on Catalyst2, though I have actually been with web-mania nor for about 2 weeks!

I agree with what you say about the support and contact pages being 2 of the most important pages on a site, and these not being available is certainly worrying. They may well be a fantastic company, as you say, but I guess for now we will have to wait to find out!

A word for web-mania though: so far they have been great. I had a few minor niggles during the set up of my site, but web-mania's 24/7 online support had the problems sorted in minutes.

  splatter 23:02 10 Sep 2006

Could of sworn I ticked it, sorry.

As an update aswell, the problem I was in contact with webmania about has now been resolved.

  Forum Editor 23:33 10 Sep 2006

A couple of points

that might be worth considering:-

1. There's nothing wrong with using a site template - lots of companies do it, which is why designers make them, thousands of them. There's a thriving market in templates, and using them is a perfectly respectable thing to do.

2. There are hundreds of resellers in business nowadays - I have a reseller account with Heart Internet myself, and I host many client sites in that way. It's a good way for me to provide my clients with a complete service - I design their sites and host them. That way I can keep a close watch on things, and I can tailor a specific package to meet an individual client's needs.

Many resellers are less than super-efficient, but many provide a very good service.

Being a reseller isn't easy, there are many pitfalls in the hosting business, and unless you're capable of dealing with the inevitable raft of support queries it's better not to get involved. Where resellers can have the edge is in the quality of their customer service. A good reseller can provide the personal service that many commercial clients want,as I've already pointed out, and if you're prepared to work hard you'll find that customers will seek you out, it's not necessary to advertise.

Sites that don't work properly, and don't have the necessary terms& conditions of service clearly laid out are not exactly the best advertisement for a hosting company, and I'm not suggesting for a moment that you should change your mind, but I felt the case for diligent resellers ought to be made.

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