compact flash

  highside 17:29 11 Jun 2007

Help please, can anyone give me a hint - just bought a new Nikon D200 camera which uses compact flash
cards, the problem is that although the card has been formatted in the camera and works fine there when its in my computer the card reader doesnt seem to recognize the card. Windows photo wizard doesnt start up nor does elements which with other cards (ie XD/SD) with a different Nikon model) chimes in automatically when a card is inserted into the reader?
Thanks for looking

  hssutton 17:48 11 Jun 2007

Are you shooting in raw?

  skidzy 17:49 11 Jun 2007

Is the card listed in My Computer when inserted ?

You could try a repair of autoplay click here

  highside 18:18 11 Jun 2007

hi skidzy yes shooting raw but almost always do also everything still works OK with an SD card/camera. Will try the repair anyway (I didnt know of that facility)

  skidzy 18:29 11 Jun 2007

click here same problem.

Maybe formatting in FAT32 will help,also consider the card maybe corrupted.

  skidzy 18:29 11 Jun 2007

Is the card listed in My Computer when inserted ?

You could try a repair of autoplay click here

  skidzy 18:31 11 Jun 2007

PCA server going AWOL now,its posted my post from Mon, 11/06/[email protected]:49 again...wasnt me..honestly.

  hssutton 20:56 11 Jun 2007

It could be due to shooting in raw, try a few shots in jpg format and see if these open. Although the Nikon software supplied with you camera is not up to much, load it and see if this recognises the card

  highside 21:28 11 Jun 2007

Thanks for replies, same with jpeg. I have connected the camera direct to PC with its USB connector and that works fine - elements and Windows Picture/Fax viewer both open and process the pictures so I think it has to be a card reader problem. (When using the reader the reader is not seen in My Computer.)

  skidzy 21:36 11 Jun 2007

Is this internal card reader or usb reader ?

  highside 21:52 11 Jun 2007

Good question - forgot to say that the reader/s is built into my Brother printer, must admit I have not used it fo CF before but it is always ok with XD/SD. Guess I could buy a generic reader tommorrow, they dont cost alot, and try that?

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