Compac Presario Ram update

  tobyjug472002 11:43 02 Jun 2008

Hi, i have a Pentium 4 Compac presario, with 4 x 512 sticks of RAM...(4 slots available), I wish to fill all the 4 slots with 1GB Sticks (4 GB total)..obviously i will need to whip the 4 x 512 sticks out to replace them with 4 sticks of 1GB...just a couple of questions: will i be able to run more programmes with 4 GB of Ram and secondly how can i find out what Ram exactly it i need to pull a stick out and read on the label, hopefully there are some, or is there a way i can tell without taking a stick out, i think its DDR2 3200 but cant be sure...i have a lot of programmes running and need to stop any lagging, i presume each stick has all to be indentical in make and specs....and just to be cheeky anyone know a cheapish shop, outlet in the West Yorkshire area...i'll do you a good deal on the 4 x 512 sticks lol

  ambra4 13:32 02 Jun 2008

Go to Crucial

And do a System Scanner it will tell you what memory you can use to upgrade and the price

click here

  mrwoowoo 19:02 02 Jun 2008

Will be better to buy 2 x 2GB sticks.
It will be a bit cheaper and also give a slight performance gain over 4 x 1 sticks.

  Totally-braindead 20:18 02 Jun 2008

Unless you have 64 bit windows you will not see the full 4 gig. I would say because of that you'd be as well keeping two of your 512mb chips and adding 2 x 1 gig. That would give you 3 gig and it would be all seen by the operating system.

The difference between 2 gigs and 4 gigs is not that great, and I think before you spend any money buying more memory which might not speed anything up you should do some housekeeping. Defrag the hard drive, free up some disk space by removing programs you don't need, stopping unneccessary programs from running at startup and running something like Crapcleaner which cleans out all sorts of bits and pieces.

If you do end up getting memory save yourself the hassle and go to Crucial as they guarantee that what you buy will work. Some computers are very fussy not just needing a particular type of memory and a certain speed but things like parity and many other things. Buy elsewhere if you are not 100% certain what you need and you may well have problems.

  tobyjug472002 10:51 03 Jun 2008

i appreciate your comments, ive scanned my system using crucial and got the specifications of my RAM, i'm interested in this crapcleaner programme, what does it actually clean? Also i'm confused what i can stop running on boot-up from Run (msconfig) as the full mames are not given, although i am aware i dont need my printer and programmes such as Nero booting up, i wouldn't wish to stop something booting up which my system needs to run safely ie., AVG Antivirus. I do regular defrags, but wonder if i can download this crapcleaner as a try before i buy option. Crucial did recommend between 3-3.5 GB Ram on a 32 bit OS like mine, many thanks in advance in my question about this crapcleaner.

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