Comp TIA A+

  mags65 16:27 14 Dec 2005

Probably wrong place to be asking this but just wanted to know what anyone who has done this course, thinks of it. I am considering the course on a learn and home basis through a college not too far from me. It would cost around £1500 and can be paid in installments. Is this good value.

  Rose 16:49 14 Dec 2005

The short answer is NO. I did the A+ course in a local college attending one day a week for FREE. You do of course have to pay to take the two exams. Also bear in mind you will need a book, or books in my case. A good A+ course book costs in the region of £50.00. At the end of the day the course doesn't really qualify you for anything in particular. It gives a good grounding but you will need something better if you want to apply for a job in the IT industry. If you're already building your own machines and repairing the neighbours don't bother with this. Aim for something higher.

  Skills 18:25 14 Dec 2005

Im studying this course at present at my local college and with discounts its cost me £100 normal price £400 including the exam fees. In my opinion its not worth £1500 under any circumstances.

It covers all the basic aspects of hardware, installion, configuration some trouble shooting. It does cover some quite outdated hardware thou and the course is due for a revision next year so newer stuff like PCI E, SATA and the like should be in there. Its also nearly all based around intel and MS software.

If you want to do a course that covers all the basic hardware stuff and basic operating system stuff like installation and config then it may be worth doing but I would look somewhere else as I said its not worth £1500 at all.

You can self study for the course if you wish and just pay for the exams.

I have to also second that it wont get you a job in the IT world on its own.

  mags65 18:23 15 Dec 2005

Thanks for the reply guys. I have already done a couple of homebuilds and upgraded the neighbours as you mentioned. I did think this price was a bit excessive. Maybe it's because they supply all books and equipment needed, exams are included and they also set you up with an employment agency but I guess you could do all that yourself. This course covers the SQA (scottish qualifications authority) basics first and then the A+. The tutor also said that it was what was needed to get a job as a computer engineer and networker. Personally I just wanted to improve my limited knowledge in the hope of doing some work from home (upgrades, repairs and custom builds etc.) Maybe I will just consider the option of buying the book and studying and taking the exam myself. Thanks again.

  Sibbo 18:48 15 Dec 2005

Too late for me I'm afraid. I signed up for one of these courses some time ago at a cost of £2000! I asked a similar question to yours a while back in these forums regarding the A+ certification and the chance of me getting a job from it and got a similar response to your question. I to was told that it would lead to a job via an agency. False selling if you ask me, but can it be proven? By the way mags65, which training company did you talk to? Was it Scheidegger Training?

  Sibbo 18:50 15 Dec 2005

Forgot to say that I had already signed up for the course before I asked the question in this forum.

  Skills 18:51 15 Dec 2005

As I said I too think its excessive, I mean the only equipment you really need for the A+ course is a screwdriver and some bootdisks. I cant see them supplying you with copies of windows to install.

As for the books my A+ book cost me £25 theres a number of them about and there around that price from amazon.

The exams cost about £40 each I think maybe a little more so you could teach yourself the contents of the course and exams for a little over a hundred.

Plus if you've got an old system around that you can strip down, rebuild and install windows on then you'll get as much practical experience as you would on the course.

Good luck with whatever you choose.

  mags65 18:48 16 Dec 2005

The course was through The home learning company but it was in conjunction with a well known college in Glasgow (Stow College) thats why I was interested but I think I will give it a miss now. Especially if I can learn enough on my own for some building, upgrading and repair work. I already have a good career and this was just to enhance my knowledge for a kind of hobby/possible extra cash making scheme.
I'll give amazon a look for the books.

  gerardz 17:18 06 Apr 2006

i have completeted the comptia a+ as was talked about.are there any jobs out there?.my cv can be provided.

  gerardz 16:14 13 Jun 2006

would this be stow college?if so ,please check if you achieve this certification.i was on a course similar ,if not the same as this.

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