Comodo System Cleaner

  Angry Kid 22:04 22 Feb 2009


I have recently found this program from Comodo and have found it gave my pc a new lease of life.

click here

It is certainly worth a try.

Angry ;-)

  FatboySlim71 22:15 22 Feb 2009

Thanks Angry Kid, I'll give it a try.

  Stuartli 23:50 22 Feb 2009

I've been using the Comodo Registry Cleaner (freeware) about once a week for several months now after being pleased with Comodo Firewall Pro.

It's very effective and certainly even more so than CCleaner's Issues section.

  RobCharles1981 00:00 23 Feb 2009

Ile certainly have a sniff at this.

  ronalddonald 07:46 23 Feb 2009

thanks for letting me know baout this program, ive used other programs in the past many of them find the problems but clean about 10 of them, then they want you to buy the complete program for x amount of money to get the rest of the problems fixed.

It found over 500 problems and cleaned it all up within 3 minutes wow.

  birdface 08:56 23 Feb 2009

I am a fan of Winaso Optimizer[free].Anybody find an improvement using Comodo System Cleaner than Winaso.Or are they both about the same.

  rawprawn 10:02 23 Feb 2009

Like buteman I use WinAso, I have just tried Comodo and it foun 374 errors, I let it clean them and had problems. fortunately the "Restore" worked OK and I have uninstalled Comodo.

  Kaacee 12:10 23 Feb 2009

Installed Comodo, found 349 errors cleaned them, restarted, works like a dream, well impressed.

Thanks Angry Kid

  User-1229748 12:23 23 Feb 2009

lol,i also had problems using vista disk cleanup after,disk cleanup wiped all my programs,couldn't even get to system recovery from desktop,had to get to it from f11.i can't of course prove that comodo ballsed up my disk cleanup but disk cleanup is normally pretty tame.

  smokingbeagle 14:09 23 Feb 2009

Tried the cleaner on XP SP2. System failed to re-boot. Had to use backed-up images to re-instal.

Mixed outcomes from the posters.

  jja244 14:48 23 Feb 2009

A lot of problems with this on Vista HP but managed to restore the system without too much trouble. I'll stick with CCleaner.

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