Comodo Personal Firewall - makes me paranoid !

  Audisportt 12:27 10 May 2007

Hello chaps

I have just yesterday registered for Comodo Firewall Pro having left McAfee Internet Security Suite behind because of their exhorbitant costs.
Comodo was recommended to me by forum and so I downloaded it last night and now its running.

I am now concerned because each time I log on it seems to tell me that I am at risk.

For example tonight it logged 3 high severity events but I dont know how I am supposed to know whether I should have allowed access (I dont know which are necessary for AOL or Windows XP to run efficiently.

Tonights 3 events relate to "suspicious behaviour" according to the log for below software which is trying to or is running.


And yesterday


These happen when I connect to AOL broadband.

Can someone tell me how am I to know what is safe and what isnt as McAfee never raised all these
concerns or questions.


Andy C

  birdface 14:32 10 May 2007

If finding it hard to use,Delete it and run Kerio Firewall ,It runs itself with no pop-up wanting you to accept or deny,Full version free for a month,Then reverts to the free version if you dont want to pay,Download in simple mode,So easy to use.

  Spark6 14:47 10 May 2007

Google your troublesome files, are you using a Dell?

  provider 2 14:56 10 May 2007

You might want to use QuickAccess to connect to ProcessLibrary to check out these processes. click here The AOL ones are all normal and required if you wish to stay with AOL, as is dslagnt.exe rather than "Dsagnt.exe" .

  provider 2 15:17 10 May 2007

Apologies QuickAccess is still not available there.I have it and use it quite regularly without any problems. Looks as if the long way round is the only option now: click here

  provider 2 15:38 10 May 2007

Something else (I do go on a bit!); Dsagnt.exe is a process relating to Dell computers updates and support.

  rdave13 23:49 10 May 2007

A good feature when newly installed, in Comodo, is the "scan for known applications" link found under the security tab. Open Comodo, click on security tab and then the "scan for known applications" link. Once run click the finish tab and wait for the "restart comodo..." pop-up. Right click icon in system tray and click exit.
Go to all programs to restart Comodo. You will get less pop-ups but I always read them and you'll soon get used to knowing what's usual and what's not..

  FatboySlim71 08:22 11 May 2007

Regarding, aoltpspd.exe, waol.exe, aolsoftware.exe
aoltpspd.exe. These are used by the AOL software, I too use AOL and Comodo firewall and I do have from time to time, high risk events logged, including the ones that you mention. Rdave is right, it is worth running the "scan for known applications"

You have nothing to worry about Audisportt, what you are seeing is quite normal and is just Comodo doing its job.

  provider 2 10:01 11 May 2007

Am I right in understanding from your response that the Comodo firewall logs the AOL processes as high risk events?
Would that not be as good a reason as any for using the McAfee firewall that comes free with AOL instead?

  rdave13 10:25 11 May 2007

I also use Comodo and AOL. With Comodo it will flag up any program that has an "invisible application" such as DivX, Shockwave, AOL etc., as it's learning. It makes you aware of what's running on your PC and what these apps do. It logs them as suspicious applications. If you are happy to run these applications then you simply tick ok.
Used to run the free McAfee firewall but had a few problems with it. Had to reinstall a few times as it would not run. Find that Comodo is easy to use and very informative.

  provider 2 10:52 11 May 2007

I understand. It`s when in "learning mode" that this happens. I had the same problem with the Ashampoo firewall but it was perhaps a slow learner that needed frequent repetitions before it would agree to allow even the most basic applications.
McAfee works well, though, in my experience.

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