Comodo moved from start Up

  birdface 22:58 13 Nov 2006

Hi, Comodo Firewall has been moved from my start programs,Used to start with the Quick start ,But have to start it manualy now.Anybody know how to get it when computer starts, I should know how to do this but brain not working very good to-night.

  skidzy 23:14 13 Nov 2006

Can you not drag the Comodo app from all programs into the startup folder ?

  skidzy 23:16 13 Nov 2006

Also is it unticked in msconfig

  birdface 23:32 13 Nov 2006

Dont think its in msconfig start up any more but will have to check again,All i have in there is Capserv. Vtpreset,Avgcc,Cftmon,Eprompter,So dont think its one of them,Hope that I dont have to download it again,

  birdface 23:40 13 Nov 2006

Keeping you busy to-night, I can start it from all programs and it will go into the Quick start tray,I am Worried that if it is sitting in all programs and I forget about it,Does it still work while sitting in there, Or do I have to start it manualy before it works,

  skidzy 23:53 13 Nov 2006

It should work upon reboot,once added to the startup list.Once you reboot check again in msconfig.

Ive never used comodo,so limited knowledge im afraid.

  skidzy 23:55 13 Nov 2006

In msconfig check if it is unticked in the services as well as the startup list.

Dont forget to drag comodo into the startup folder in all programs.

  birdface 23:59 13 Nov 2006

Okey, Spot on mate, Only problem now is it starts as a full page, And it is on msconfig now, If I remove it from the start up folder , will it stay on msconfig, And start on Quick start.Or is there any other way of doing it.

  skidzy 00:02 14 Nov 2006

if it is running in services,try taking it out of the startup folder,it may be a case of elimination.

  skidzy 00:14 14 Nov 2006

Enough for me tonight Buteman,good luck.

Post back if no joy with the last suggestion,and will catch up soon.


  birdface 00:28 14 Nov 2006

No luck with last suggestion,Takes it back out of msconfig and doesnt work then,

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