Comodo firewall not shutting down

  stlucia 07:50 04 Nov 2010

A few times recently, when I shut my PC down (Windows XP SP3) I get a message saying Comodo is shutting down, please wait. If I wait for its progress bar to finish, or if I click on shut down now, it says Comodo isn't responding, goes to a blue screen with nothing on it, and seems to just hang. I then have to power off the PC to shut it down.

I've not changed the configuration of my PC, nor have I added any new software other than regular updates for my existing stuff. Windows, AOL, Firefox, Adobe, Comodo, and AVG are ones that I remember receiving updates for in the past month or so.

Has anyone else had this, and is there a simple way to correct it, please?

  provider 2 10:29 04 Nov 2010

Something wrong with the latest update, perhaps?

Other than going back to the previous version, there seems to be no fix as yet: click here

  stlucia 10:58 04 Nov 2010

Thanks, provider 2, it's nice to know it's not just me.

I think I'll not worry about it -- it doesn't happen every session -- and trust that the powers-that-be at Comodo (and, perhaps AVG, since there's a suspicion that it's maybe a conflict) get their act together and sort things out for the next update.

  provider 2 11:12 04 Nov 2010

Yes, I suspect trying to find a fix yourself might be a long and fruitless exercise.

I think the fairly frequent references to AVG conflict may be a red herring, possibly due to the fact that so many people use AVG and the 2011 version seems to be having quite a few problems itself.

Probably, checking the above thread on the forum from time to time to see what Comodo has to say about it, would be be the best idea.

  Patrik 10:59 20 Jan 2011

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  john bunyan 11:05 20 Jan 2011

Spam on old thread?

  stlucia2 19:35 20 Jan 2011

I've discovered that my PC doesn't hang completely when I get the Comodo shutdown message. If I click on shut down now, it goes to a blue screen, as I mentioned in my first post, but then eventually shuts down of its own accord after about 5 minutes.

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