Comodo firewall instead of Zone Alarm ?

  Bansaw 01:04 21 Jan 2011

I am toying with the idea of getting rid of zone alarm because it keeps bugging me everyday with "upgrade?" reminders.

I heard free Comodo Firewall is better.

Any comments?

  ashdav 01:09 21 Jan 2011

I'd forget it and just use the Windows one.
If you're using a router then they are not doing much good.
If you're using a modem then you should really move with the times and get a router.
The fewer programs you have running the better.

  Bansaw 01:30 21 Jan 2011

thanks ashdav, yeah, I'm one of those people who like to know which program is trying to access the internet...

  michaelw 07:34 21 Jan 2011

I did the same after a few minor conflicts; got rid of Zonealarm and now I've got Comodo. It works much better but I stopped the antivirus function and installed Avast.

  Tonsie 12:00 21 Jan 2011

Bansaw,have a look at Kerio Firewall(Sunbelt Personal) good reviews,and very little reminders.
Sorry can not give a link.
Regards Tonsie.

  Bansaw 13:13 21 Jan 2011

Thanks Tonsie etc,.. - I kindof like reminders and my firewall talking to me. I like to know whats trying to connect to the internet so I can turn off those things that try to "look for updates" all the time. Comodo looks like something you can configure to be talkative.

  john bunyan 13:47 21 Jan 2011

I had Conodo about a year ago when on XP. Onswitching to W7 I now have PCTools free firewall. I did not consider ZA in view of conflict reports. I find PCTools very good and far less intrusive than Comodo, which I found a bit too "nanny" like..

  sayl100 15:01 21 Jan 2011

been using comodo for some time and the firewall is quite good.

  Bansaw 15:08 21 Jan 2011

thanks - what I am looking for as well is performace. Someone told me Zone Alarm slowed things down a lot, but Comodo was better performace-wise.

Also, I might look at PCTools for my wife,- something that works well, doesn't slow things up and doesn't give her too many alerts.

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