Comodo firewall has to go.

  thumbscrew 12:56 08 Dec 2009

I installed Comodo free Firewall about a week ago and I've been battling with it ever since.The multitude of impenetrable pop-ups mostly left me completely baffled. Because of the computer jargon they are displayed in, I don't know-and can't fathom out-what I'm allowing or blocking and it's all too easy to block something that should be allowed. Today was the last straw, while trying to install ATI Catalyst, I was bombarded with pop-ups galore and, each time I clicked allow the damn thing returned and stopped the installation. I emphasise that this was not malicious and yet it wouldn't recognise "allow". In the end I gave up and admitted defeat! I'm uninstalling it today, so can anyone recommend another...much less fussy free Firewall, I'm toying with Ashampoo.

  User-1229748 13:06 08 Dec 2009

your thread reminded me of this that i read :o) click here;prev_next=prev

  User-1229748 13:06 08 Dec 2009

that is totally the wrong thread :o(

  User-1229748 13:10 08 Dec 2009

i can't link to the thread i'm looking at,always have problems linking to comodo forums,thread i'm looking at is titled "xp sp2 bsod" yet in the address bar it is a different thread.

  badhair1963 13:48 08 Dec 2009

Was this the thread you were trying to link to?

click here

  Graphicool1 13:57 08 Dec 2009

Why have you opened another thread on the same subject? Please stick to one thread, as I as I am sure others do find it confusing...
click here

  Graphicool1 14:05 08 Dec 2009

"as I as I am sure"
But I think you get the gist. Still, while I'm here. Like I said on your other thread (not really labouring the point) I use Ashampoo and find it excellent. It's easy to set up, it isn't in your face, but it does its job and it's free. Also they have a lot of other interesting freeware. :¬)

  provider 2 15:17 08 Dec 2009

You won`t be the first to give up on Comodo for the reasons you have spelled out. It is far more demanding of attention than a lot of people can be bothered with, especially when installing new programs and it really doesn`t like any kind of changes to protected registry keys, the red slider coming up three times on occasion:

What`s this?
Are you sure this is a good idea?
I don`t think this is a good idea. (human language)

I think it has a built-in delay to confirm you have read its warnings and put a dot in the appropriate place in the little menu of options.

In any case you mind want to consider an earlier and less annoying version from FileHippo, version worked very well with XP and a lot of people still use it.

I`m told OnlineArmor firewall is quite good but I have no experience of it.

  thumbscrew 16:50 08 Dec 2009

Thanks all,I didn't really consider it to be "Another thread on the same subject" Graphicool1, as in my previous one I was asking for information-so to speak- about Comodo. In my opinion this is a totally different thread, inasmuch as I'm now stating that I'm dumping it and asking for advice about replacements. Surely the intelligent people who use this Helproom aren't going to find this confusing...I think you're underestimating them! Thanks for the Ashampoo info, I'll check it out, also Online Armor too, cheers provider 2.

  alB 17:03 08 Dec 2009

I use Avast on one PC and AVG on another, both with Zonealarm firewall all are the free versions and seem to perform OK for me ...alB

  User-1229748 17:04 08 Dec 2009

that was the one yes,many thanks :o)

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