janderson1989 12:29 12 Mar 2005

I have a common hijacker and have downloaded asquared2 spybot search and destroy spyblaster and suggestions on what i try next would be gladly recieved.

  VoG II 12:34 12 Mar 2005

Is Spybot identifying this? If so it may well be a false detection click here

  Chezdez 12:36 12 Mar 2005

post a hi-jack this log

click here

save the log, open with word, put it into double line spacing, and then post the contents here

it may take more than one post to post all the information

i can't check it fully myself, but i'll have a look, but someones else will be able to

  janderson1989 12:40 12 Mar 2005

I dont think its a false detection as asquared2 kept getting stopped half way through the scan and i got about 100 popups which came up so fast and i was trying to shut them all down but more kept coming up and i keep having to shut down the pc it kept changing my isp as well and asking me to dial up to bizadds when i have bt broadband.

  janderson1989 12:51 12 Mar 2005

sorry its automatically saving in pdf format can you tell me how to save it in word format plz

  janderson1989 13:40 12 Mar 2005

i dont know what is happening i keep getting booted of the internet and the dial up is taking over and things are downloading by thereselves plz offer advice.

  VoG II 13:42 12 Mar 2005

antidialer click here

Instructions for using HijackThis click here

  janderson1989 14:06 12 Mar 2005

its still saving in pdf format i did follow the instructions im not very good at this is there something else i can do.

  Nellie2 16:30 12 Mar 2005

Are you saying the hijack log is saving in pdf format?

If yes then click on the T in the pdf bar, you should then be able to highlight and copy the text, paste the text into wordpad and you will then be able to split the log... the reason I say split it is because there is an 800 word limit here and you may have to post the log in two halves if it is a long one. :)

  janderson1989 17:15 12 Mar 2005

Nellie2 yes it did save in pdf format but it wont open it so i cant copy paste it. everything got so bad i could not get on the internet for a couple of hours as the dialer kept coming up when i am not even agreeing to it downloading in the first place any more suggestions would be great.Also the a2 guard alert keeps coming up


Found a possible trojan or spyware downloader

While executing the program a² detected a possible malicious behavior. The program tries to invisibly download and install files from the internet. If you don't know that program its highly recommended to terminate the program and to send it in for further analysis.i get 4 choices
allow prog once always allow prog delete file terminate program i have been choosing terminate program but it keeps coming back do you think i should delete file.please let me know.

  VoG II 17:19 12 Mar 2005

Delete it. There is a legitimate process with this name but yours is in the wrong folder click here

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