Commodo Firewall

  Chas49 10:09 06 May 2009

The free commodo firewall I use has a checkbox which is ticked to remember the earlier decisions made. Howecer, it doesn't seem to work for I am repeatedly asked to Allow or Block programs which hav already been allowed. Should this be? No doubt this firewall is efficient but can it be made to accept your decisions permanently?

  Stuartli 10:15 06 May 2009

I have a similar reaction with Comodo, but it appears to be due to a slight change from the previous allowed decision(s).

Personal preference is to have a little too much decision making rather than too little..:-)

  Chas49 10:27 06 May 2009

Should there be a list of allowed decisions that you can examine?

I ageee with you on the too much or too little decision making.

Have just used the link you provided in anther post Stuartli and I too received a clean bill of health - thts nice to know 8-)).

  Chas49 10:31 06 May 2009

thts - thats. Not an attempt at text language - just hamfisted use of the keyboard caused by poor sight and hand/eye coordination 8-( Ah -the joys of advancing years 8-))

  provider 2 10:45 06 May 2009

Older versions of Comodo used to require you to tick the "remember my decision" box.

In the newer versions that`s ticked already and you have to dot one of the three alternative choices , then use the drop-down panel to select what you want done.

Usually it`s "Treat this as an" "installer or updater"

That`s usually followed by a pop-up window asking if you want to change to "installation mode" to make this policy fully effective, and later you will be asked if you want to revert to clean computer mode.

  Stuartli 10:58 06 May 2009

That is perfectly correct, but even OK-ing the Remember My Decision box doesn't necessarily ensure that it is remembered...:-)

As I stated I've noticed that there is usually a slight difference to the previous similar request, so Comodo asks again.

  Chas49 11:11 06 May 2009

Thanks to both - it appears that I should leave well alone and let it do its job. 'Shields Up' confirms that it is doing just that.

  provider 2 11:15 06 May 2009


I`m not sure I understand.

I don`t think you are given the option NOT to OK the "Remember my Decision". In my version the tick is there permanently, more or less forcing you to use the alternatives listed beneath and the drop-down menu of options.

One small problem I had, though, was that it kept putting Avast updates into the "my pending files" untrusted section, but having typed ALWIL software into "My trusted software vendors" seems to have cured it of this irritating habit.

  provider 2 11:29 06 May 2009


I think it will remember your decisions if you use the the dot and select procedure ... at least I`ve found it to be effective, anyway.

Leaving well alone is a good philosophy most of the time, I think, but the set-up in the newer versions of Comodo won`t allow you to do that ... is what I`m trying to say .-)

  Stuartli 11:46 06 May 2009

I find I have to OK it to get rid of the Comodo pop-up panel...:-)

  provider 2 12:00 06 May 2009

That`s very strange. In mine there is nothing I can do to remove that orange tick in the "Remember my Decision" box, which itself is a left-over from earlier versions, I think.

The reason I say that is I had occasion to do a system restore on my friend`s pc after some major problems caused by the software of a Kodak ESP3 ( I think), all-in-one, and lo-and-behold Comodo had reverted to the old version with the tickable box.

It was as if the newer dot and select, Defense+, and Comodo SafeSurf had simply been wiped off it.
Curiouser and curiouser ...

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