commodo firewall

  samantha247 20:58 29 Jan 2008

Hi there,
Installed Commodo firewall yesterday but chose not to install Proactive Defense.The firewall says everything is up and running but showing (Firewall has blocked 0 intrusions so far) which seems a bit odd what do you think?Also it says firewall security level is set to train with safe mode is that right?Any help greatfully received, not very clued up on stuff like this.Cheers Sam

  Kemistri 21:19 29 Jan 2008

You want Training Mode rather than Train with Safe Mode. Right-click the system tray icon. Zero intrusions? Perfectly normal. Why did you not wish to include Defense+ though?

  samantha247 21:28 29 Jan 2008

Thanks for your reply, did not include Defense plus because already have spybot S. and D. and Ad Aware so thought having defense plus was not needed didn't want to overload on security, pc slow enough already, what do you think?

  Kemistri 21:38 29 Jan 2008

That's not what Defense+ is about. The apps that you cite are malware scanners - they do not prevent installation or modification of any kind and they cannot flag up or block such behaviour. Unless you have a Pentium II or something, you shouldn't be worrying about a low-resource firewall. Defense+ is a type of HIPS (host intrusion prevention) and many firewalls don't even have that feature.

  [email protected] 22:19 29 Jan 2008

also if you use a nat router nothing should get to the software firewall anyway.

  brundle 23:21 29 Jan 2008

Spybot's Teatimer will detect changes to the registry and startup entries, if samantha247 has used the default install options for the most recent Spybot versions (1.5+) then it will be installed and running. Not being a regular user of either Spybot Teatimer or Comodo I can't comment on the advantages of one over the other though I would go with the firewall personally.

  Kemistri 23:42 29 Jan 2008

Yes I used to Spybot, but detection and blocking are two very different things - a little like the difference between typical active trojan scanners and BoClean. And of course, HIPS do not rely on signatures.

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