Comments please!

  Foolsbane_1 15:22 06 Jul 2003

Before I go any further with this, I would like to know how well it works -- if at all! It has only been tested with a broadband connection so far and I am afraid that dial-up may choke on some of the content.

click here

  tbh72 15:43 06 Jul 2003

The index page loads in 22 seconds & the introduction page loads in 45 seconds. I like the site's excellent use of colour, and simplistic, but informative wording, However.... It's all a little on the large size, and possible a little to slow also.

Nice site

  G'dad 15:52 06 Jul 2003

Viewing the index page with monitor at 800x600 I got a mainly white screen with half a butterfly at the bottom ???

Regards, G

  G'dad 16:19 06 Jul 2003

oh - and - your swap image
does not seem to be pre-loaded so there's a nasty pause onMouseover when using a slow connection.

- and there are more elegant ways of positioning content than using 9 empty paragraphs - but if you *must* use FrontPage :o(((

ok - well I'd better b** orf now.

Regards, G.

  Foolsbane_1 18:23 06 Jul 2003

... taking account of comments.

Thanks, G'dad

  User-312386 18:53 06 Jul 2003

front page is fine

The links(on the left) on the introduction page jump slightly

i like it

keep at it

  Foolsbane_1 19:07 06 Jul 2003


Mouseover animation was just a challenge. Wanted to see if I could make it work. Trouble is, after all the effort of creating them, I'm reluctant to drop them now. But if I can't figure out what's making them jump, they'll have to go! :o(

Back to the drawing -board!

  User-312386 19:10 06 Jul 2003

i will look at the code

  User-312386 19:19 06 Jul 2003

open front page and open the links and intro pages

now look click on the cell spacing(the box around the links) for intro and change it to 243x66


  Foolsbane_1 19:07 07 Jul 2003

Tried your suggestion but no improvement. Turned out to be a fault with the graphics. Remade the jittery ones and all seems well.

Have created a subweb suitable for slower connections so that I can be a bit more free with what I put on the main site. Structure appears to be sound. Synchronising changes could be a bit of a chore.

  Forum Editor 00:55 08 Jul 2003

why I would want to 'Make a donation' via Paypal - there's a button on your contact page.

When you click the 'Find us' link on the Imprimo site the linked map site tries to plant some spyware - it's as well to be very careful to check on this kind of thing, it looks unprofessional.

I find the decorative font that you've used as page links and in your logo a little difficult to read - this is especially so on the home page, and against the background colour - there's not enough contrast. It's really important to spend time thinking about things like this, your logo/ident is vitally important, and if it is at all difficult to understand people will click away more readily.

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