JAC13 23:24 29 Feb 2008

Firstly, I would like to say a big Thankyou to all the people who have answered my previous posts and helped me out with various problems and questions. You really are a great bunch! Being a total novice at web design and knowing nothing about HTML (at the moment) I would like your comments on my web site.

I am very pleased with the finished product, I say 'finished' but no doubt I will play about a bit more yet!

The site is click here

C&C Welcome!!


  MAJ 23:58 29 Feb 2008

I don't like the faded images in the background, JAC13, it just doesn't look right with those there.

  MAJ 00:01 01 Mar 2008

Scrolling tickers are another pet hate, I would stay on the site for about as long as it takes to click off it. Sorry, JAC13, just being honest, not malicious.

  Kemistri 00:09 01 Mar 2008

It's not very easy on the eye, it's not a neat layout and it looks unfinished. You have some lines that end short of their apparent target, odd gaps and tight spots (I recommend that you read about whitespace click here), and the text on the graphics is fuzzy. The gap above the banner isn't really right, and this is probably caused by the default margin in the body. The footer is too narrow, so it fails to meet the sidebars properly, and the link bar above it is not centred.

I know that's all negative stuff, but you did ask for C&C. Hope it helps.

  Forum Editor 08:59 01 Mar 2008

is that there's too much going on - image sites should be very clean, allowing the really important content - the images - to shine through.

The first thing I would do is stop all movement - those text scrollers on the home page would be the first things to go; they are incredibly distracting.

Text across image backgrounds is always a difficult thing to get right, and unfortunately your site doesn't manage it - it's confusing and difficult to read.

Try removing the background image, reducing the font size by a point, and placing a nice colourful image or two somewhere on each page. The key to good design is often simplicity - less can be more where websites are concerned.

  JAC13 09:25 01 Mar 2008

Thanks guys, I did ask for C&C and I appreciate all that you have given me. I will give what you have said my urgent attention and try and rectify some of the problems you mention.

  JAC13 10:05 01 Mar 2008

Ive made a few of the ajustments you recommended, got rid of the scrollers and image background and tried to make the pages 'cleaner'.

Hows it looking now?
click here

  MAJ 11:11 01 Mar 2008

Yes that's better looking, JAC13, but I would try to get the "wp4457bb44_1b.jpg" on the index page a little better, it doesn't look good, I can see dotted lines within it. Also, the site is a little white, it's slightly too hard on the eyes. Maybe if you had the background a little creamier, it might help, but maybe that's just me.

  mco 13:48 01 Mar 2008

just another thing .. I would remove the counter at the bottom - visible counters look amateur - look at your statistics by all means but keep them to yourself

  Forum Editor 14:59 01 Mar 2008

The site is instantly less stressful.

Now for some more nitpicking:

1. That banner image does you no credit. You're selling images on this site, and that one is very poor. You need to come up with something really good, and it must be pin-sharp - or as pin-sharp as you can get on a website.

2. I don't like the borders around the text cells on some of the pages - you should remove them.

3. Try changing the text font to Verdana, and instead of underlining subheadings, show them in a different colour - perhaps a navy blue. People make the assumption on a website that everything underlined is clickable.

  Kemistri 15:13 01 Mar 2008

You still have some broken lines (the vertical lines either side of the content) and some misaligned graphics. And I couldn't agree more about the banner image.

If you want to see what other photography websites look like, you could click here and view its styles or click here, select Overview, and play with the demo.

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