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  graysmen85 20:43 06 Jul 2007

Although this site is incomplete at the moment, my son and I would appreciate your comments, good and bad.
Already we have many changes to make to the index, but would like to get opinions in the mean time.
Thanks a lot. click here

  billydilly 09:13 07 Jul 2007

It's good but I don't no what it is about can you make it more clear please.

Oh and antother thing you could advertise your words e.g laptop like this site has click here you can make quiet a bit of money out of it every time someone click on the link you will get some cash I think this is how this website keeps up and running.

  graysmen85 10:27 07 Jul 2007

Thurrock is in the South of Essex, we have a small slice of the M25 which includes the Dartford Crossing.
It has a population of nearly 15000. give or take one or two:-)
The idea for this website came about because I got frustrated looking in other directories for a local business, I am retired with plenty of time, hence
My son has created the structure for the site using Frontpage 2003, I am finding and
telephoning the businesses.
The initial response has been good.
Entries into the directory is free unless the business wish to display more info.hence the grades.
We obvioulsy are not a going concern at the moment, which is why we are seeking opinions about the site.
Thank you for the link, we will indeed look.

  graysmen85 06:25 09 Jul 2007


  Quiet Life 15:08 09 Jul 2007

Agree with fourm member the scrolling marquees and the flashing box are not plus factors and as are do not enhance the rest of the site.

  Quiet Life 15:14 09 Jul 2007

Having looked again my personal view is.
1.On the left window. I think just two flashes . This site not yet for sale and to be added to-------Click here.
2. A much longer window for the scrolling words.

  graysmen85 18:59 09 Jul 2007

Thanks for the comments... Very helpful and I will probably alter 1 or 2 points on the home page. I will also try and find a way to get the site to look the same in Firefox.. I dont have it so its pretty difficult to tell.
Thanks again for your comments... Keep em coming. Its very interesting to find out what other people like and dont like.

  graysmen85 21:05 13 Jul 2007

Thanks for the comments. I have altered the home page and must admit it looks lots better.. I'm in the process of sorting the firefox problem.
Thanks again.

  mco 00:30 14 Jul 2007

On the front page it should say 'whatever business in Thurrock you're looking for' and not 'your'. Secondly, I would get rid of the message 'best viewed in..' because it is just an irrritation to those who come to your site with 800x600 or less - they have no choice and might be tempted to go elsewhere.

  benjiboots 11:50 14 Jul 2007

Had a quick look at the homepage and to my mind it seems to lack a cohesive feel to it. I would remove the "best viewed in" bit and the 2 blocks beneath it about "this space is not for sale yet". There seems to be no value in that information.

I also would centre align everything from, "Over 3200 local businesses listed.. ALL within Thurrock !.." and below or readjust the positioning of main body content to try to deliver a more consistent feel to the layout.

Lastly, I would think about making the link buttons be styled with CSS. Since you have used a basic font for the links you might as well keep them as text and use CSS to style the rollovers and the use of the arrow image.

  graysmen85 07:29 20 Jul 2007

Sorry for the lond delay in answering.

Will change "your" for "you're", and "best viewed".

I also would centre align everything from,
"Over 3200 local businesses listed.. ALL within Thurrock !.."

To clarify, are you suggesting that we alter the width of the "Search Here" and "Browse Here" boxes to the width of the text above, or visa versa?

We are thinking about the two "not for Sale" blocks, and may change them, we are hoping that they will be used by our local businesses in the near future.

"making the link buttons be styled with CSS" we will look into this.

Bearing in mind that we are using FP2003, and do not want to make any major changes, how could we ensure that the site will open using a Mac PC, Firefox etc.

We value your comments and suggestions, thanks very much

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