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  AndySD 15:11 09 Nov 2003

So after a long time I finally got arround to uploading my own site click here comments please... and any mistakes.

Its not totally finshed as there will be more pages as it matures.....or even a complete remake if needs be.


  phil 20:28 09 Nov 2003

It may be me, it only happens with your site but....
It will not load. All I get is a blank page with your web address flashing in the status bar along with the cursor in the address bar flashing and refusing to move.

As I can't see your code I presume that there is a bit of bad js script in there.

It may be ok for others but not for me. Sorry.

  AndySD 20:37 09 Nov 2003

Ok changed a little code...I hope it works now.

  PurplePenny 21:03 09 Nov 2003

It loaded just fine for me - very quickly too. Looks very good, contemporary, professional BUT ... there are a few small mistakes that might be excusable on a personal homepage but might make visitors think twice about using a company - especially one that is going to be producing brochures and web sites.

There are several instances of a full-stop being followed by a lower case letter.
"A companies image" should be "A company's image" (but correct everywhere else).
Some bullet points are followed by lower case, others upper case.

This one I'm not sure about - you've used upper case initials for your company and personal names but on the same page Macromedia nad Microsoft are have lower case initials - I would give them upper case too.

They're all only small points but worth putting right as they mar an otherwise effective site.


  PurplePenny 21:05 09 Nov 2003

OK ... so typing isn't my strong point ... but you get what I mean :-)


  AndySD 21:29 09 Nov 2003

Thanks I will sort them in the morning.


  phil 23:24 09 Nov 2003

That's better.

What was the fault then?

the pinky brown colour seems a little dodgy and there's not alot of graphical content considering the nature of the company but it looks perfectly professional to me. although I personally like to see sites centred in the browser window.

  AndySD 08:54 10 Nov 2003

PurplePenny: done I think.

Phil: It was a redirect depending on resolution.

Horiz5: Pinky brown its a musty pink (#CF9F9F) your colour calibration may need checking. The graphical content will arrive as soon as the artist makes up her mind on what she wishes to use.... :-))

  tomleady 10:39 10 Nov 2003

looks good, but the only thing that annoyed me was the "company" image link on the home page, on the rollover, the text goes odd. the other links are fine, just the company one.

  AndySD 12:17 10 Nov 2003

Fixed..... thank-you

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