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  fitshase 13:36 25 Aug 2006

Hi all,

I've recently revamped my website in an effort to make it more easily updated (and therefore meaning I should update it more often!).

I have posted it on a photography site for comments but thought I would also post here for comments from a design point of view.

The main thing I have included is 2 separate sites. One containing a flash gallery and the other containing a non-flash gallery. The index page asks you to make the choice between flash and non-flash.

All comments/suggestions are welcome.



  fitshase 13:37 25 Aug 2006

erm.... forgot the link!

click here

  fitshase 20:28 25 Aug 2006

Cheers for the comments.

The reason why I used frames was because the menu structure is in the top frame and I didn't want to put a menu on each page. I understand about the scroll bars but I have designed the site for 1024x768 which is what most people are using nowadays. Also, I needed as much space as possible in order to get the photos as big as possible.

The navigation for the galleries is also deliberate as in the future I may have 10/20/30 different galleries and having links to each gallery on each of the pages will be a headache.

The thumbnails on the flash gallery are created automatically by the flash gallery software. I was annoyed at them at first but I can't really do anything about it.

I might do away with the bottom frame now though and see if that is any better. The idea of the bottom frame was to have some page specific information but I have gone off that idea.

Cheers for the feedback. I'll have a mess around with the site next week (away for the weekend) and I'll post again.



  fitshase 21:06 25 Aug 2006

Sorry - I see what you mean now with the scroll bar on the non-flash gallery. This is being remedied as the setting for the columns (for the thumbnails) was 10 columns instead of 6!


  fitshase 21:23 25 Aug 2006

OK, thumbnails should be a bit better and there should not be any scroll bars on the gallery page (unless you are running on a very low resolution).

I'll work on removing the bottom frame to give a bit more space to the main page next week.

Thanks again for the feedback.

  Forum Editor 00:04 26 Aug 2006

I found the navigation irritating. When I click on a particular thumbnail, and see the main image, I want to then be able to go back to the thumbnails and make another selection - I don't want to be trapped into this 'next' and 'previous' routine. It irritated me so much that, had I been a casual visitor, I would have abandoned the site.

Like fourm member I found the Flash site pleasing, and it's rare for me to say that.

Like fourm member I'm not at all keen on frames.

Otherwise, I liked the site and some of the images.

  fitshase 00:25 26 Aug 2006

Cheers Forum Editor for the comments.

I am a bit confused about the navigation comment though. If you click on a thumbnail in the gallery, you are presented with "previous", "next" and "thumbnails".

If you click on "thumbnails" (above the picture) it takes you back to the thumbnail page. If you want to choose another gallery then you click on "galleries" at the top.

How would I go about creating the navigation structure if I ditch the frames? I do not want to be inserting a menu on each page as the gallery pages are generated by other software with minimal scope for editing. I am going to ditch the bottom frame but I would like to keep the top frame for navigation.

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