Comments invited re my site

  Wes Tam ;-) 14:12 24 May 2003

Can I be the first to ask for comments on my site at click here

I don't mind 'cruel to be kind' comments as long as they're constructive.

I've built the site using Serif PagePlus 8.

  AndySD 16:02 24 May 2003

Well done its a good start.

You may want to check your table widths as bieng larger than 600 they dont fit on an 800X600 screen. But its not a requirement as most of the people looking at your site will be using a larger resolution now.

On a personal note I would remove the "Last Updated" as when you havent updated for a while it look bad and the Hit Counter is very outdated.

  Falkyrn 19:06 24 May 2003

Nice clean layout

.... one minor point and its probably to do more with the software used .... some of your pages with text and pictures are loaded as one image (picture) file. On BB its no problem but for standard modem connections you could consider normal text and seperate pictures in a table

  Wes Tam ;-) 10:24 25 May 2003

Thanks for the advice AndySD and Falkyrn - points noted.

  User-312386 23:06 25 May 2003


very nice layout

i didnt know that serif used frames?

excellent site

  anchor 18:49 26 May 2003

A nice site.

Further to the comment made by AndySD about screen size: An analysis of over 7000 hits to my own site shows that about 40% were made by persons with a 800x600 screen size. You should think if the larger screen size is desirable, as these viewers have to scroll across to see the full page.

It also seems to me that the majority of sites on the web use a 800x600 resolution.

I know that the professionals consider a counter rather crass, but the statistical one I use gives me data as to the source of the hit, and much more. I like it.

  Forum Editor 19:53 26 May 2003

Who cares, as long as you're happy with it?

I confess I don't much go for hit counters - I don't see the point of them - you can easily get the hit stats (and much more besides) if your web host runs statistical analysis software on the server.

The great thing about a personal web site however is just that, it's personal, and that's one of the liberating things about the Internet - there are conventions, but everyone is free to express their creativity in their own way.

  anchor 15:22 28 May 2003

No offence intended FE.

Most, if not all, of the ISP`s that give us free web space, do not give any analysis of the page hits.

I personally like to know more about my hits. It interesting to see that they come from all over the world. In the 30 or so months my site has been on the web, I have had 14,000 hits from places ranging from Australia to Zambia. I get this information, and more, from RealTracker.

click here

I was also fortunate to get my own domain name free, (and free hosting), from Freenetname. Unfortunately, they stopped doing this long ago.

  anchor 15:25 28 May 2003

I should have added, that they have long since stopped doing this for "new" customers.

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