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  ajm 00:17 16 Aug 2007

Through my contacts I have met this singer, Lorraine Jordan. She has asked me to give her advice and thoughts on her website. Webiste design is not my field and therefore would appreciate your comments/suggestions/etc

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  Chris1986 11:06 16 Aug 2007

i have to say, as a 'small time' website designer myself, i think the webiste is very good, it is laid out well.

The one suggestion i do have is to make all the pages in flash, the website has a great first page, but is ruid (only a little) by the fact that the rest of the pages are done in Html.

  mco 13:26 16 Aug 2007

I'm sorry: I disagree about the Flash - I would ditch the 'entry page' in flash altogether; it is very off putting. You want to have a site that opens onto the home page immediately. Also all the elements take a while to load and that too is distracting. I think it has potential - certainly I like the colour scheme (that's because they are my personal favourite colours!) but I think it's way too 'busy' and needs to lose the flash

  mco 13:28 16 Aug 2007

the 'download store' opens in a new window when I don't think it needs to.

  ajm 18:42 16 Aug 2007

Thanks for all those who have inputted your suggestions. I will forward your comments to her. Please keep more suggestions/advice coming.

  Forum Editor 20:02 16 Aug 2007

and deserves all the success she's enjoying, but that site needs a rethink, it's too 'busy' by far.

I have designed lots of Flash sites in the past, but nowadays it's rare for me to use Flash - most clients prefer a fast-loading, clean-looking HTML site. Flash has its place, and it's fair to say that clients in the music industry tend to like it - they love the artistic effects that can be achieved.

In this case however, I feel that the designer has fallen into the "Because I can" trap or using Flash simply for the sake of it. Many people are deterred by a Flash intro, and will simply click away when they see a 'loading' message. It's entirely possible to achieve stunning effects with html pages, and my suggestion would be to ditch the Flash as soon as possible.

With regard to my 'too busy' comment, I think that there's far too much going on - the pages are a jumble of poorly laid out text and images, and that news scroller is distracting - I found it intensely irritating. This comment applies particularly to the welcome page, where there are three font colours on two different backgrounds in two point sizes - it detracts from the content, which is good.

I don't like the colour scheme - the maroon background and white text is too high-contrast, and the text itself would look 100% better in Verdana.

I'm sorry if this all sounds a bit negative,it's the easiest thing in the world to criticise someone else's work of course, but you did ask. At the moment I feel a really good singer/songwriter has a website that doesn't do her justice.

  ajm 00:16 17 Aug 2007

Thank you for your comments. Lorraine wanted some advice and opinions on the web site. I initially suggested that she get rid of Flash and keep it simple.

Lorraine has been passed your comments and as soon as new comments and advise are posted, she will be informed.

She has told me that she has done this all by herself and she recently has invested in a Apple Mac system and will try to use iWeb to make the site more faster and clean.

Peter, your comments are not negative at all, in fact she wanted critism and she will get it!!!

Please keep your comments and advice coming and I will keep you updated.

  Forum Editor 06:53 17 Aug 2007

and if it was her first attempt she has done very well - few people could come up with something like that without any previous experience.

Tell her we're here to help in any way possible.

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