Comment invited A4 setup American print output?

  compumac 16:29 31 Aug 2010

I have an HP printer that is set to UK region standard, printing A4 etc It is connected to my main PC and is networked to the other PC’s. Now and again it has defaulted to American size paper. Contacting the HP support (????) team is, and has been a complete waste of time in that you state quite clearly every step that you have taken and they still persist in repeating back to you the steps to carry out that you have already outlined to them. They did in fact eventually state that it was a hardware problem and have indeed replaced the printer but I still have had the same problem. I have been trying since August 4th to elicit some further reply from HP Support (??) but they must be on holiday.
Have I now stumbled on the cause of the problem?
I have just formatted my daughter’s laptop and reinstalled every programme from scratch. The regional settings on that laptop are UK related. I did not install the HP specific drivers for the printer on the laptop. Immediately after she printed to the network HP printer (connected to my main PC which was/is set to A4) it was found that the printed item was American size, upon checking the print setup on the laptop it was realised that it displayed American size paper and not A4. I printed from the main PC without altering anything in that PC’s print set up and discovered that the print from the main PC also printed out American size. Looking into the printer set up on the main PC it was found that the default was now American size!!
Could it be that the action of a networked PC that did not have the HP specific printer drivers installed and thereby not set up for A4 size paper have changed the default on the other PC’s on the network?

I invite comment

  wiz-king 16:50 31 Aug 2010

With printers any/every thing is possible!
No specific answer but printers give more headaches than any other devices.

  DieSse 19:21 31 Aug 2010

Is the printer directly connected to the network (through a print server or built-in network card, for instance), or connected via a PC?

  DieSse 19:28 31 Aug 2010

Aha - just reread and saw it's connected via a PC.

Don't forget that in some software, the saved document settings for print format will override the printer defaults.

I suspect that it's always going to be better to connect via a print server, to avoid clashes between the printer drivers from one PC to the "main" PC.

  compumac 19:40 31 Aug 2010

I have in fact installed the specific HP drivers on the other PC's in case that was the cuase of the initial problem. I just wondered if my logic was logical?

  compumac 08:52 01 Sep 2010

Anyone else?

  Woolwell 10:40 01 Sep 2010

Was a specific piece of software used before the settings changed? If the software has not been set up for UK then it can override the printer settings.

  compumac 10:56 01 Sep 2010

On the laptop (newly formatted etc) ALL the regional settings were for the UK BUT as I had set it to use the default printer on the main PC, I had not put in place any printer settings on the laptop as I assumed (wrongly I now believe) that the main PC printer settings being the default printer for all PC's on the network would take precedence.

  Woolwell 11:08 01 Sep 2010

Agree with that assessment. I have at least 2 laptops that connect to my network and each has its own printer settings.

  compumac 11:22 01 Sep 2010

It is hard to understand as to why HP Support were not able to suggest this as being the cause of the problem. I would have thought that this situation should have been in their crib manual.
I unreservedly accept that they would not know that I had a networked printer but as they eventually indicated that it was a hardware fault I took it as being true, albeit I was doubtful. I will now check that the other PC's all have HP specific drivers and also set up for A4, - all of this on the basis that my/our interpretation of the cause is correct.

  compumac 19:46 01 Sep 2010

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