TOFF 21:41 21 Apr 2003

My computer has just started warning me that it cannot find '' during boot-up into Windows and suggests that I search for it myself. After a few attempts, the dialogue box closes and Windows continues to load normally. I have found '' within my Windows subdirectory 'system32'. Should I be concerned? If not, how can I direct my computer to the right location and avoid the annoying warning message?

  Giggle n' Bits 21:48 21 Apr 2003

not be XP. Feel you have Win95/98/98Se or Me as its a Dos File needed for loading Windows.

  Giggle n' Bits 21:50 21 Apr 2003

To fix this problem, restart your computer using a startup (boot) disk in drive A, and edit the CONFIG.SYS and/or AUTOEXEC.BAT files.

Move the SET COMSPEC= line so that it is above the NET START command, or remove the
SET COMSPEC= statement and use the SHELL= line in the CONFIG.SYS file.

This may confuse you, just incase please back up your work.

  Giggle n' Bits 21:52 21 Apr 2003

with which windows you have. Win95 is different to Win98/Me edit.

  Switcher 21:58 21 Apr 2003

If you have a startup floppy for your OS then boot to the floppy and issue the command sys c: this will ensure that the Three DOS system files including are placed in the root directory of your Hard drive.

The above applies to Win9X systems and ME.

  TOFF 21:15 22 Apr 2003

Thanks guys. Now my computer has stopped doing it for no better reason than I can divine it started in the first place. I am sorry not to have said that I have XP, if that makes any difference.

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