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  Frank33 00:27 01 Aug 2007

I have just sent this email to MBS because I like many of you have no idea where this #@%*~ thing came from. I an so cheezed by this that I want MBS to sort it out. So here's my story.

I have been advised by South Yorkshire Police not to pay this bill. I have spoken to MBS on three occasions regarding this bill. I have said that I absolutely reject the allegation that my PC was used on any occasion to access the adult site to which the bill refers because of the following reasons:

MBS have said that the site was accessed on 4 separate occasions:
Fri 6th July at 15.45 and again at 19.31
Sun 8th July at 21.56
Tues 10th July at 15.59
Therefore for me or any member of my family to use this PC to create or access this adult pornography site logically they must have been available to do so.

There are 5 members of my family myself, my wife and my 3 children - two boys aged 13 and 10 and a girl age 4. First of all let be allowed to discount my 4 yr old daughter from this fiasco for what I hope are obvious reasons.

I am clearly the prime suspect in this matter, but let me deal firstly with the fact that this PC is in the kitchen of a busy household in full view of everybody. This PC and its predecessors have always been located in the kitchen of our home and have never been in any other place. This is because as parents we like to know what our children do on the computer.

Secondly let me deal with the question of myself as prime suspect. I was informed by MBS that the adult site in question was first accessed and the account created on Fri 6th July at 15.45. At this time I was at work in another town. At the precise moment the account was created I was in a meeting with 2 professional colleagues who are willing to verify this at any and all levels. Consequently I was nowhere near the PC that was allegedly used. The site was also accessed on Tues 10th July at 15.59 hrs. I have a regular late night office opening, this is always Tuesday evening. On these nights I never leave my office until 21.00 and again at the time in question on 10th July I have colleagues that are willing verify this. I therefore believe it is relatively easy to prove that I was not able to create or access the site in question at these times. To be brief I can also provide evidence that I was elsewhere when this site was accessed on all four occasions.

Thirdly on Fri 6th July at time the account was created my youngest son was returning home from school with my wife and my daughter. They would return home by approx 15.35 often later. This would mean that for my 10yr old son to have created this account he would have to do it in full view of my wife and daughter since as I have said the PC in question is located in the kitchen where everybody is at this time of day. He would also have to do it inside 10 mins and according to MBS have prior knowledge of the site or have time to Google it. However, even if he could have created the account at this time he was at cricket practice later that evening when the site was accessed for the second time. He was with myself and played as part of the local club side. This is verifiable by other members of the team and the club coaches. be continued:

  Forum Editor 01:11 01 Aug 2007

to post two threads on the same subject. I appreciate that you want to give us the facts, but it would have been better if you had kept it a little shorter.

Anyone weanting to respond should do so in the second thread.

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I'm going to lock this one now.

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