Come See My Website

  alrocks 14:07 24 Aug 2006

click here to see my website.

Just updated.

If you do look please can you email suggestions to [email protected]


  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:11 24 Aug 2006

Clean, fresh and bright but you need some piccies to liven it up. A few different fonts would help with less of the multi colouring. If it is your first attempt is is much better than my first attempt was.


  alrocks 14:14 24 Aug 2006

thanks - any more people wanting to look click the at the top in the first message and reply with suggestions please.

Thank you

  skidzy 14:43 24 Aug 2006

Seems absolutely fine to me,i would however take GANDALF <|:-)> comments on board though,not so many colours and few pictures would relly liven it up.

One little minor thing that would bug me i suppose,i do not like RED writing.Call me old fashioned,they use to say writing in red was an insult to the one reading the text.

Please do not take this to heart,you asked for suggestions and thought i would post this for you.

I wish you all the best in your website project.

A very big Good Luck & Well Done.

  €dstowe 15:00 24 Aug 2006

If you are really only twelve (as you said in another post) your site is really good. Take the advice given and you should end up with an excellent site.

I remember my first attempts but, best forgotten about.

Did you do the site from scratch or from a package?

  alrocks 17:00 24 Aug 2006

i did the site from scratch

  alrocks 17:02 24 Aug 2006

thanks EVERYONE. Im really glad I had some suggestions and feel free to visit the site anytime.

  skeletal 18:29 24 Aug 2006

It’s a good try; you are doing far better than me. I keep meaning to do one but never get round to it!

As to comments, one thing I often see on this kind of site, and yours is no exception, is less than perfect spelling and punctuation. I don’t know what software you have, but one way out of this is to write out your ideas in a word processor that has spell checks. When all looks well, you can then cut and paste into the web editing software.

Make sure it’s set to UK English if you don’t want my pedantry! I’m not sure where you live of course!

Some examples I spotted:
On “The Strangerhood”:
Its based on a group should be It’s
Garanteed should be guaranteed
Downoload should be download

Question of the month:
There is an extra “of the month”

I’m really pleased to see the correct use of the apostrophe in “Alex’s”.

This just goes to show there are people (OK pedants then!) who spot this sort of thing; your English teacher was correct!

Finally, we can now expect great fun as other forum members try to spot any spelling and punctuation mistakes in my post!

Good luck!


  Pesala 18:29 24 Aug 2006

The clock is rather fast moving and serves no purpose. You can find some nice Javascript clocks that show the current time.

Otherwise, try to find an animation that is a bit slower, and relevant to the aim of your webpage.

I use a small animation on my Opera Tips Page: click here

  alrocks 18:35 24 Aug 2006

thanks for the tips skeletal and pesala.

Any more would be greatly appreciated

  Forum Editor 18:55 24 Aug 2006

from Consumerwatch.

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