Come on fellas, this is easy ..............

  lodger 09:07 13 Sep 2007

I have 2 pcs, 3 metres 9 foot apart, i want to set up a wired network between pc runs XP , the other runs Win2000 ..........i have a printer and broadband connection from a cable modem, what do i need to set it up?........ please keep it simple fellas, i aint gettin any younger here........:(

  Demora 09:52 13 Sep 2007

If the modem is just a modem and only has one socket on the back for one pc then I think you'd need a cable router. and ethernet cables.


  techie4me 09:56 13 Sep 2007

Just use a cable to connect between both pc's via the network cards.
And then set them up via XP.
Nice & easy and very simple to do.

  silverous 10:08 13 Sep 2007

I'm not so sure that does keep things simple if you want to share the broadband connection techie4me.

I'd suggest as per demora - get a Cable Router and make sure it has got several switch ports on it (they usually do) then you plug your PCs into it via ethernet cable and you plug it into your cable modem. Simple.

  FatboySlim71 10:14 13 Sep 2007

A better title lodger would have helped, such as "wanting to set up wired network" then that way if someone searched this forum with the same question as you, this post would have showed up.

Anyway, regarding "broadband connection" is your "cable modem" just a modem or is it a modem/router, if its a modem/router it should have some network connectors on the back of it, you then plug the Ethernet cables that plug into the pc's into here. Also your PC's need to have a Network connector on them, the best way to check this is to do the following, GO INTO CONTROL PANEL/PERFORMANCE & MAINTENANCE/SYSTEM/ NEXT CLICK ON THE HARDWARE TAB THEN CLICK ON THE DEVICE MANAGER TAB.

On the window that has opened from the device manager, look down and if your PC's have got a Network connection you should see "NETWORK ADAPTERS" so far down the page, if you then click on this and see the word "Ethernet" your pc's will have a network connection.

  Brad G 10:39 13 Sep 2007

you dont need a router to share an internet connection, play lan games, or share files, if there is only one computer you want to connect to yours.

you can use a "cross over network cable" which you will be able to buy from your local computer shop or they will make one for you.

you will of course need a network socket in the back of both computers.. it looks like this
click here

the downside is, is that the main computer ( which has the usb modem for internet access attached to) will have to be switched on in order for the other one to have internet access.

the other option is a router as mentioned in posts above, which will allow you to have generally four computers connected together, and the internet is always live, regardless to which pc is switched on

  keef66 12:08 13 Sep 2007

If it's a cable modem it won't also be a router, so you need to buy a cable router. Then you can plug in both pc's and share the internet connection, and you don't need one pc to be on for the other to access the net. That will however be the case with the printer; you'll need to be running the pc to which the printer is attached before the second pc can print to it

  martjc 13:07 13 Sep 2007

...if your pcs ar just linked without a router, the printer may not share properly.

  lodger 17:21 14 Sep 2007

i understand more now, about the title too.....i was about to do a simple crossover cable job with the help of an ethernet double adaptor.but now I think perhaps a router might be a better longterm solution even if its not essential..........ok i must lie down in a darkened room for a few days to charge my energy cells, then i go to follows.........wish me luck........... . :)

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