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  podlod 10:27 23 Dec 2007

Hi, can anyone tell me how I can place 2 images together on one photo so that it looks like one, for example if I want 2 people off of 2 photos and place them together so that it looks like they have taken the photo together? if I am in the wrong area for an answer please could you link me as to where I can go for more info. Thank you

  johnnyrocker 10:47 23 Dec 2007



  johnnyrocker 10:47 23 Dec 2007

click here sorry.


  MAJ 11:18 23 Dec 2007

You'll need some photo-manipulation software that can handle layers to do it properly, podlod. I don't think Irfanview is up to the job. Try out GIMP click here it will do it for you. To do it, cut out the person from one picture and place it on a new layer on the other picture. Then Merge the layers to create one photo, then save.

  podlod 11:58 26 Dec 2007

Hi, thanks for all your help, maj I finally decided to download Gimp, its very complicated so I downloaded the help manual, but after downloading it would not open up for me??could you please explain very simply again on how to carry out the picture transfer as I mentioned, thank you. Oh and a happy New Year to you all !!!!!

  jack 12:09 26 Dec 2007

Pod lod
Try- Picasa - free
Paintshop Pro from Corel- Free trial
click here offer several of their older version as free downloads -you just get nagged rotten to buy something.

Be warned all Photo Editor have a somewhat steep learning curve- it aint going to be a five minute job.

  podlod 12:35 28 Dec 2007

Hi jack, your free downloads at the moment keeps reading server not found? I have Picasa and I do not think you can do it with this freeware.

  MAJ 13:00 28 Dec 2007

Sorry podlod, I didn't see your boxing day post.

In GIMP, open both your pictures, the one you're going to cut out from and the one you're going to paste in to.

Using the "Intellegent Scissors" tool, Tools > Selection Tools > Intellegent Scissors, carefully cut round the object you want to cut out. To use the scissors, click on one spot, then move along the object and click on another spot, both spots will join up with a line. The closer together you create those spots, the more accurate the cutout will be. When you have gone completely around the object you want to cut out, go to Edit > Copy.

Now click on the photo that you want to add that cut out to and go to Edit > Paste Into. That will insert the cutout on a new layer. You can position the object using the move tool which looks like a Crosshair.

You'll need to fiddle a little but you'll soon get the idea.

  podlod 09:20 31 Dec 2007

Hi Maj, I did exactly as you said, cut out, copy and then paste on to the next photo but when I did this the whole photo keeps getting transfered across and not just the cut out?what am I doing wrong???

  Graham. 10:06 31 Dec 2007

I don't know GIMP, but in similar programs you have to save the cutout. It may give the option to save the whole picture or just the cutout.

  ^wave^ 10:38 31 Dec 2007

i think that these all work in a similar way. what you need to do is open the 1st picture use the extract tool from edit mark out the bit you want to extract. then use a foregraund tool and fill the cut out bit. do the same with the next picture. then open the picture you want to use a background and mark that layer background and then merge the others on to it. this is very basic instuctions as all editors are slightly different so you will need to try a couple of times till you get it right

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